Cherries Pomology and Viticulture


Comments on cherry (Prunus avium, Prunus cerasus, Prunus fruticosa, etc.) information on this site are welcomed below:


Everything else

Well. Here we are. Because I don’t yet know what you Inta-webbers will want to comment on, this page is a temporary garbage dump for comments on topics that I haven’t yet made a blog post for. For instance, if I get a lot of comments on apricots, then I’ll make a special page for them. If I get a lot of comments on the Kardashians… well, I’m going to delete those. There’s too much space wasted on that shit already.

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Peaches Pomology and Viticulture

Peaches and Nectarines

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Pawpaws Pomology and Viticulture


As a favorite food of all possums and those humans who a) know about them and b) aren’t allergic (about 1% of humanity is unfortunately allergic to pawpaws), pawpaws elicit a lot of discussion around the Inta-webs. If you want to leave comments about the bit of information provided on this site, just type it below.

The fragrance of ripe pawpaws on a hot Southern night! Whoo-doggies! That is some nice perfume!


Ag History- 1862

Comments on the USDA 1862 Yearbook can be left below.

(You can also write them on a sticky note and tack them to a telephone pole near where you live, but I’m much less likely to read your comments, if you choose that method.)


Ag History- 1865

Comments on the 1865 USDA Yearbook can be left below:

Pears Pomology and Viticulture


Here’s a good place to leave comments about pears.

If you want to leave a detailed description of a pear that you find especially noteworthy, a different page is a good place to record it for pos-pearity.

apples Pomology and Viticulture


Here’s a good place to leave comments about apples.

Possums SE Uncategorized

Southeastern-specific stuff

Here’s a good place to leave comments on content specific to agriculture in the Southeastern U.S. of A (‘murica).


Possums- putting the soup in marsupial

This site is generally dedicated to fruit growing and North American agricultural history, but possums eat fruit, so… it just makes sense.