Fruit Cultivars, History and Care

Fruit care in the Southeastern US Piedmont region by Anton Callaway.

Apple Portal, including:  The Apples of New York by S.A. Beach, Southern Apples, South Dakota apples and more! Apples in the Southeastern U.S.  by Anton Callaway.

The Cherries of New York by U.P. Hedrick
The Cherries of UtahNorth Star cherry image by Francis Coe
Cherries in the Southeastby Anton Callaway.

The Grapes of New York by U.P. Hedrick
Grapes in the Southeast  by Anton Callaway.

The Peaches of New York by U.P. Hedrick
Peaches in the Southeast  by Anton Callaway.

The Pears of New York by U.P. Hedrick
Pears in the Southeastern U.S. by Anton Callaway.
Pear Breeding (from the Journal of Heredity. no author listed).

The Plums of New York by U.P. Hedrick
Plums in the Southeast by Anton Callaway.
Plums in South Dakota by N.E. Hansen

Pawpaws by Anton Callaway.

The Small Fruits of New York by U.P. Hedrick
Small Fruits in South Dakota (1927). Bulletin 224.

Miscellaneous Fruits in the Southeastern U.S.  by Anton Callaway.

South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 224. Plant Introductions. 1927.   by N.E. Hansen

Rest and Dormancy in Fruit Species

USDA Yearbook Portal with entries from: 1862 & 1865- organized by Isaac Newtown and 1937 - organized by Henry A. Wallace, Secretaries of Agriculture

Some of the Important Folks of Fruit Culture History by U.P. Hedrick, reassembled by Anton Callaway

Fruit Growing in Canada -William Saunders & T.A. Sharpe

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Miscellaneous recipes.

"They wandered about their lovely woods and copses, they sang their lovely songs; their fare was light — the fruits of their trees, the honey from their woods, and the milk of the animals who loved them." -Fyodor Dostoyevsky, from The Dream of a Ridiculous Man.

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