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à Coeur Hative, 205;     'A Feuilles de Pecher Grosse, 205;     Abbesse, 205;    Abbesse d'Oignies, 97;
Abels Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 205;     Abundance, 205;   [Abundance in 'Cherries of Utah']  

Acher's Weichsel (syn. of Griotte Acher), 262;
Achte (sein sollende) Kirsche Vier auf ein Pfund (syn. of Tobacco-Leaved), 326;     Act Gillos, 205; Adam(syn. of Adams Crown), 205; Adams, var. orig. with, 205;         Adams Crown, 205;     Adams Herzkirsche (syn. of Adams Crown), 205;         Adlington, 205;

Admirable de Soissons (syn. of Cerise de Soissons), 233;  Advance (syn. of California Advance), 113;     Affane, 205;     Afghanistan, 205; Agathe (syn. of Hildesheim), 143;     Agatkirsche (syn. of Dankelmannskirsche), 240;     Alaternblaettrige Suessweichsel, 206;
Albertine Millet, 206;     Alexandrine Beon, 206;     Alfred Wesmael, 206;     All Saints (syn. of Toussaint), 193;         Allen, 206;
Allen, J. F., var. orig. by, 324;     Allen, Zachariah, var. orig. with, 206,311;             Allen Late Favourite, 206;
Allen's Sweet Montmorency (syn. of Sweet Montmorency), 324;     Allerfrueheste Bunte Maiherzkirsche, 206;     Alte Koenigskirsche, 206; Altenlander Fruehkirsche, 206;     Amaranthkirsche, 206;    Amarell-Weichsel (syn. of Early May), 128;
Amarelle à point pistillaire blanc (syn. of Amarelle mit Weissem Stempelpunct), 207;  Amarelle Boquet (syn. of Boquet Morello), 223;             Amarelle de la Madleine (syn. of Madeleine), 294;
Amarelle Double de Verre (syn. of Double Glass), 122;                     Amarelle Hative, 207;
Amarelle mit halbgefuellter Bluethe, (syn. of Fleurs Semidoubles), 253;         Amarelle mit Weissem Stempelpunct, 207;
Amarelle Royale (syn. of Montmorency), 169;     Amarelle tres-fertile (syn. of Cerisier Tres-fertile), 234;
Amarellenbaum mit ganz gefuellter Bluete (syn. of Fleurs Doubles), 252;
Amber, 207;                             Amber (syn. of Amber Gean), 207;                                                                 Amber Gean, 207;
Amber Heart (syn. of White Heart), 197;
Ambree de Guben, 207;
American Amber, 208;
American Doctor (syn. of Doctor), 242;
American Heart, 208;
Amos Owen, 208;
Amygdalus, sub-genus of Prunus, 15;
Amygdalus indica nana (syn. of P. glandulosa trichostyla sinensis), 21;
Amygdalus pumila (syn. of P. glandulosa), 2.1; (syn. P. japonica kerii), 22;
Andrews, 208;
Andrews, C.N., var. orig. with, 208;
Anglaise Hative (syn. of May Duke), 164; (syn.Royal Duke), 184;
Anglaise Tardive (syn. of Late Duke), 155;
Anne, 209;
Annonay, 208;
Annonayer Herzkirsche (syn. of Annonay), 208;
Anstad, 208;
Anstad, A.P., var. orig. by, 208;
Antonie, var. introduced by, 213;
Appalachian cherry, botanical name of, 35;
Arch Duke, 98;
Argental Late, 209;
Atwater, Caleb, var. orig. with, 249;
Auburn Duke, 209;
August Duke, 209;
Augustine de Vigny, 209;
Aurischotte, 209;
Austen, R.A., quoted, 68;

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Badacconyi (syn. of Badacsony), 209;  Badacsonyer Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Badacsony), 209;
Badacsoner Riesenkirsche (syn. of Badacsony), 209;
Badacsoner Schwarze Riesenkirsche (syn. of Badacsony 209;
Badacsony, 209;
Baender, 210;
Baldwin, 100;
Baldwin, S. J., var. orig. by, 100;
Baltavaer Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Baltavar), 210;
Baltavar, 210;
Baltavari (syn. of Baltavar), 210;
Baluder Morello, 210;
Barnhart, 210;
Barry, quoted, 70-71;
Baseler Herzkirsche, 210; Bates, 210;
Bates, S.J., var. orig. with, 210;
Baumann May, 100;
Bay State, 210;
Baylor, 211;         Beauty of Marienhohe (syn. of Schoene von Marienhohe), 317;    Beauty of Orleans (syn. of Belle d'Orleans), 212; Bedford, A.V., var. introduced by, 208;       Bedford Prolific, 211;       Belle Agathe (syn. of Hildesheim), 144;
Belle Agathe de Novembre (syn. of Hildesheim), 143;     Belle Allemande (syn. of Bettenburger Glaskirsche), 213;   Belle Audigeoise, 211; Belle Bosc, 211;    Belle de Boskoop, 211; Belle Brugeoise Saint-Pierre (syn. of Schoene von Bruegge), 317;
Belle de Bruxelles (syn. of Belle d’Orleans), 212;    Belle de Caux, 211;    Belle de Chatenay (syn. of Magnifique), 163;
Belle de Choisy (syn. of Choisy), 196; Belle de Couchey, 211;     Belle Defay, 211;     Belle de Franconville, 211;
Belle glorie de Marie (syn. of Schoene van Marienhohe), 317;     Belle grosse d'Ardeche (syn. of Cerise de l'Ardeche), 230;
Belle I'Herissier, 211;         Belle de Kis-Oers, 212;     Belle de Loche, 212; Belle de Magnifique (syn. of Magnifique), 163;
Belle et Magnifique (Syn. of Magnifique), 163;     Belle de Marienhohe (syn. of Schoene von Marienhohe), 317;
Belle de Montreuil (syn. of Montreuil), 298;     Belle d'Orleans, 212;     Belle de Ribeaucourt, 212;         Belle de Rochelle, 212;
Belle de Rocmont, 212; Belle de Saint Tronc, 213;     Belle de Sauvigny (syn. of Montmorency de Sauvigny), 298;
Belle de Varennes (syn. of Cerisier de Varenne), 234;
Belle Vezzouris, 213;    Belle de Voisery, 213;     Belle de Worsery (syn. of Royal Duke), 184;
Bender, var. orig. with 213;     Bender, J.O., var. orig. with, 213;    Bender (of Michigan), 213;     Bender (of New York), 213;
Berger, Staquet, var. orig. by, 231;     Berlin Amarelle, 213;    Bernard, 213;    Bessarabian, 101;
Bessey's Cherry, botanical name of, 37;
Bettenburger Glaskirsche, 213;    Bettenburger Herzkirsche, 214;   Bettenburger Kirsche von der Natte, 214;
Bettenburger Schwarze Herzkirsche (syn. of Bettenburger Herzkirsche), 214;       Bettenburger Weichsel, 214;
Bettenburger Weichsel Grosser Gobet (syn. of Bettenburger Weichsel, 214;
Bettenburger Weichsel von der Natte (syn. of Bettenburger Weichsel), 214;
Bicentenairweichsel (syn. of Cerise du Bicentenaire), 231;    Bicolor (syn. of Zweifarbige Kirsche), 336;     Bicolor Van Mons, 214;
Bigarreau (syn. of Yellow Spanish), 202;Bigarreau Abbesse de Mouland, 214;
Bigarreau Ambre Precoce (syn. of Early Amber), 247;
Bigarreau Antoine Nomblot, 214;
 Bigarreau Baumann (syn. of Baumann May), 100;
Bigarreau Baute de l'Ohio (syn. of Ohio Beauty), 302;
Bigarreau belle de Rocmond (syn. of Belle de Rocmond), 212;
Bigarreau blanc de Groll (syn. of Bigarreau Groll), 217;
Bigarreau Blanc (Petit) (syn. of Flamentine), 252;
Bigarreau Blanc Precoce, 215;
Bigarreau Blanc-Rose de Piemont, 215;
Bigarreau Bordan, 215;
Bigarreau de Bourget, 215;
Bigarreau Brun, 215;
Bigarreau Brun Kleindienst (syn. of Kleindienst Braune Knorpel), 282;
Bigarreau de Capucins, 215;
Bigarreau de la Caserne, 215;
Bigarreau Cayenne, 215;
Bigarreau de Chalons, 215;
Bigarreau de Champvans, 216;
Bigarreau Commun (syn. of Yellow Spanish), 202;                                         Bigarreau Corniola, 216;
Bigarreau Court Picout Hatif, 216;
Bigarreau Court Picout Tardif, 216;
Bigarreau Doennissen, 216;
Bigarreau Dore, 216;
Bigarreau Double Royale, 216;
Bigarreau Dur, 216;
Bigarreau Duranno, 217;
Bigarreau Empereur-Francois (syn. of Emperor Francis), 249;
Bigarreau d'Esperen (syn. of Napoleon), 172;
Bigarreau de Fer (syn. of Hildesheim), 144;
Bigarreau à Feuilles de Tabac (syn. of Tobacco-Leaved), 326;
Bigarreau de Florence (syn. of Florence), 140;
 Bigarreau Galopin, 217;
Bigarreau Glady, 217;
Bigarreau (Golden) (syn. of Drogan Yellow Bigarreau), 245;
Bigarreau Grand, 217;
Bigarreau Groll, 217;
Bigarreau Gros Coeuret (syn. of Large Heart-shaped Bigarreau), 288 (syn. of Napoleon), 172;
Bigarreau Gros Commun (syn. of Ox Heart), 178;
Bigarreau à Gros Fruit Rouge, (Syn. of Red Bigarreau), 309;
Bigarreau à gros Fruit Rouge Tardif (syn. of Large Late Red Bigarreau), 288;
Bigarreau Gros Monstrueux (syn. of Large Heart-shaped Bigarreau), 288;
Bigarreau Gros Noir de Luther, 217

Bigarreau Grosse Gomballoise (syn. of Grosse Gomballoise), 265;     Bigarreau Hatif (syn. of Black Bigarreau), 222;
Bigarreau Hatif Boulbon (syn. of Boulebonner Kirsche), 224;     Bigarreau Hatif de Champagne, 217;
Bigarreau Hatif de Saint-Laud, 217;                         Bigarreau de Hedelfingen (syn. of Hedelfingen), 274;
Bigarreau de Hildesheim (syn. of Hildesheim), 144;        Bigarreau d'Italie, 218;   Bigarreau Jaboulay (syn. of Lyons), 161;
Bigarreau Jacquet, 218;
Bigarreau jaune (syn. of Dankelmannskirsche), 240;
Bigarreau jaune de Doenissen (syn. of Bigarreau Doennissen), 216; Bigarreau jaune de Groth (syn. of Groth Gelbe Knorpelkirsche), 268; Bigarreau Jumard, 218;
Bigarreau de Kronberg (syn. of Kronberger Kirsche), 285;         Bigarreau Krager, 218;         Bigarreau Legrey, 218;
Bigarreau de Loire (syn. of Bigarreau de Lory), 218;         Bigarreau à Longue Queue (syn. of Dunketrothe Knorpelkirsche), 246; Bigarreau de Lory, 218;         Bigarreau de Lyon (syn. of Lyons), 161;
Bigarreau Marjeollais (syn. of Bigarreau Marjolet), 218;  Bigarreau Marjolet, 218;             Bigarreau of Mezel (syn. of Mezel), 167;
Bigarreau Mongin, 218;                     Bigarreau Monstreuse de Bavay, 219;
Bigarreau monstreux de Baltava (syn. of Baltavar), 210;        Bigarreau Monstrueux (syn. of Mezel), 167;
Bigarreau Moreau, 219;                     Bigarreau noir Buettner (syn. of Buettner Schwarze Herzkirsche), 299;
Bigarreau de Naples (syn. of Naples), 300;
Bigarreau Napoleon Noir, 219;                     Bigarreau-noir a chair tres-ferme (syn. of Festfleischige Schwarze Knorpelkirsche), 251; Bigarreau Noir d'Ecully, 219;                     Bigarreau Noir d'Espagne (syn. of Black Heart), l06;
Bigarreau noir d'Espagne (syn. of Black Spanish), 223;                    Bigarreau noir de Germersdorf (syn. of Germersdorf), 259;
Bigarreau Noir à Gros Fruits, 219;                     Bigarreau noir de Guben (syn. of Guben), 269;
Bigarreau noir Hatif (syn. of Black Bigarreau), 222;
Bigarreau Noir de Heintzen, 219;                    Bigarreau-noir de Knight (syn. of Knight Late Black), 283;
Bigarreau noir de Krueger (syn. of Bigarreau Krueger), 218;
Bigarreau noir de Lampe (syn. of Lampen Schwarze Knorpelkirsche), 287;
Bigarreau Noir Napoleon III (syn. of Bigarreau Napoleon Noir), 219;
Bigarreau noir de Savoie (syn. of Black Bigarreau of Savoy), 222;                     Bigarreau Noir de Tabor, 219;
Bigarreau noir de Tilgner (syn. of Tilgner Schwarze Knorpelkirsche), 326;
Bigarreau noir Winkler (syn. of Winkler Black), 335;
Bigarreau noire de Spitz (syn. of Spitzens Herzkirsche), 322;
Bigarreau d'Octobre, 219;
Bigarreau de l'Once, 220;
Bigarreau Pelissier, 102;
Bigarreau à petit fruit blanc (syn. of Flamentine), 252;
Bigarreau à petit fruit rouge hatif (syn. of Kleine Bunte Fruehkirsche), 282;
Bigarreau pleureur (syn. of Weeping Black Bigarreau), 331;                     Bigarreau Ponctue (syn. of Punktirte Marmorkirsche), 309;
Bigarreau Pourpre, 220;
Bigarreau Prince Royal de Hanovre (syn. of Kronprinz von Hannover), 285;
Bigarreau Printanier d'Oullins, 220;
Bigarreau Reverchon, 220;
Bigarreau Richelieu, 220;
Bigarreau Rival (syn. of Rival), 311;
Bigarreau de Rocmont (syn. of Belle de Rocmont), 212;
Bigarreau Rosa, 220;
Bigarreau Rose Dragon, 220;
Bigarreau rouge de Buettner (syn. of Buettner Rothe Knorpelkirsche), 228;
Bigarreau Rouge Rothe (syn. of Dunkelrothe Knorpelkirsche), 246;
Bigarreau Rouge de Guben (syn. of Early Red Bigarreau), 248;
Bigarreau rouge hatif (petit) (syn. of Kleine Bunte Fruehkirsche), 282;
Bigarreau Rouge Tardif de Buettner (syn. of Buettner Spaete Rothe Knorpelkirsche), 229;
Bigarreau rouge de Tilgener (syn. of Tilgner Rothe Herzkirsche), 326;
Bigarreau de Sauvigny (syn. of Sauvigny Knorpelkirsche), 315;
Bigarreau de Schleihahn (syn. of Schleihahn Sweet), 316;
Bigarreau de Schrecken, 220;
Bigarreau Strie, 221;
Bigarreau Tardif Buettner (syn. of Buettner Spaete Weichsel), 229;
Bigarreau Tardif de Hildesheim (syn. of Hildesheim), 143;
Bigarreau Tardif de Lade (syn. of Lade Late), 286;
Bigarreau Tardif de Lieke (syn. of Lieke Bunte Knorpelkirsche), 291;
Bigarreau-tardif de Meiningen (syn. of Meininger Spaete Knorpelkirsche), 297;
Bigarreau Toupie (syn. of Toupie), 327;
Bigarreau de Trie, 221;
Bigarreau à Trochets, 221;
Bigarreau Turca, 221;
Bigarreau Violet (syn. of Dunkelrothe Knorpelkirsche),246
Bigarreau de Walpurgis, 221;
Bigarreau Werder (syn. of Werder Early Black), 332;
Biagarreau de Zeisberg, 221;
Bigarreau Zschedowitzer Schwarze, 221;
Bigarreautier à fruit jaune (syn. of Dankelmannskirsche), 240;             Bigarreautier 'a grandes feuilles (syn. of Tobacco Leaved), 326; Bigarreautier de Naples (syn. of Neapolitanische Molkenkirsche), 300;         Bigarreautier à petit fruit hatif (syn. of Flamentine), 252; Bigarreautier à Petit Fruit Noir, 221;             Bigarreautier à Petit Fruit Rose, 222;
Bigarreautier à petit fruit rouge (syn. of Kleine Bunte Fruehkirsche), 287;
Bigarreautier à rameaux pendants (syn. of Thraenen Muskatellerkirsche), 326;             Biguarre Cherrie (syn. of Yellow Spanish), 202; Bill and Coo, 222;

Bing, 103    [Bing info in 'Cherries of Utah']     Bismarck, 222;         Black, J.H., var. orig. with, 306;         Black American, 222;
Black Bigarreau, 222;                                                             Black Bigarreau (syn. of Manning Late Black), 295;
Black Bigarreau of Savoy, 222;             Black Bohemian (syn. of Bigarreau d'Italie), 218;

    Black Eagle (syn. of Eagle), 126; [Black Eagle and Blackheart in 'Cherries of Utah']
Black Guigne, 104; Black Hawk, 105;   Black Heart, 105             Black Hungarian Gean, 222;     Black Margaret, 223; Black Mastodon (syn. of Mastodon), 296;           Black Prolific, 223;         Black Republican (syn. of Republican), 181; [Republican in 'Cherries of Utah']

Black Spanish, 223; [Black Spanish in 'Cherries of Utah']

Black Tartarian, 107; [Black Tartarian in 'Cherries of Utah']    Black Turkey Heart, 223;                     Blasse Johanni Kirsche, 223;
Bleeding Heart, 108;                 Bleichrothe Glaskirsche (syn. of Cerise Rouge Pale), 233;
Bloem-kers double (syn. of Fleurs Doubles), 252 (syn. of Fleurs Semi-doubles), 253;           Bloodgood, Daniel, var. Orig. by, 208; Blutherzkirsche (syn. of Bleeding Heart), 109;
Blutrothe Molkenkirsche (syn. of Bleeding Heart), 109;       Bocage, 223;     Bohemian Black Bigarreau (syn. of Bigarreau d'Italie), 218; Bohemian Queen, 223;  Bon Bon, 223;          Bonamy, var. orig. with, 293;         Bonnemain, Auguste, var. orig. by, 260;
Bonnemain (syn. of Gloire de France), 260;         Book, 223;             Boppard, 223;     Bopparder Fruehkirsche (syn. of Boppard), 223; Boppard's Early (syn. of Boppard), 223;     Boquet Morello, 223;                 Boreatton, 224;         Bordan, var. orig. by, 215; Bordan's fruehe weisse Herzkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Bordan), 215;             Bordans Herzkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Bordan), 275; Bostock, quoted, 45;
Boughton Early Black Duke, 224;
Boulebonner Kirsche, 224;
Bount Dantzic, 224;
Bouquet-Herzkirsche, 224;
Bouquetweichsel, 224;
Bourgueil, 109;
Boussieuer Knorpelkirsche, 224;
Bowers, John, var. orig. by, 224;
Bowers' Seedlings, 224;
Boyd Early Black, 225;
Boyer's Early (syn. of Bowyer Early Heart), 225
Bowyer Early Heart, 225;
Brandon, 225;
Brandywine, 225;
Brant, 225;
Brassington, 225;
Braunauer-Amarelle (syn. of Braunauer Glaskirsche), 225;
Braunauer Glaskirsche, 225;
Braune rothe Sauerkirsche (syn. of Braunrote weichsel), 226;
Braune Soodkirsche, 226;
Braune Spanische Herzkirsche (syn. of Braune Spanische Kirsche), 226;
Braune Spanische Kirsche, 226;
Braunrote Weichsel, 226;
Bretonneau, Pierre, var. orig. with, 110, 246, 305;
Briggs, J. A., var. orig, by, 226;
Briggs Sweet, 226;
Brinckle, John R., var. orig. by, 225;
Brindilles, 226;
Brown Best, 226;
Brown Seedlings, 226;
Bruce, quoted, 61-62;
Brusseler Braune, 110;
Bruesselsche Bruyn (syn. of Brusseler Braune), 110;
Buckatzsch Weisse Herzkirsche, 227;
Buckatzsch Weisse Knorpelkirsche, 227;
Budd, J. L., quoted, 74 var. introduced by, 97, 102, 111, 123, 129, 143, 147, 158, 160, 188, 195, 207, 224, 227, 232, 243, 254, 263, 275, 280, 281, 297, 303, 312, 318, 319, 322, 330, 336;
Budd, No. 533, 227;
Buffalo, 227;
Bunte Amarelle, 112;
Bunte Morello, 227;
Burbank, 227;  [Burbank in 'Cherries of Utah']
Burbank, Luther, var. orig. by, 205, 227, 259;
Burbank Early (syn. of Burbank), 227;
Burchardt, var. orig. by, 227;
Burchardts Schwarze Rosenobel, 227;
Burghley Park, 227;
Burr, 228;
Burr, Zera, var. orig. with, 228;
Buettner, var. orig. by, 228, 229;
Buettner Gelbe Knorpelkirsche, 228;
Buettner Rothe Herzkirsche, 228;
Buettner Rothe Knorpelkirsche, 228;
Buettner Schwarze Herzkirsche, 228;
Buettner Schwarze Sauerkirsche, 229;
Buettner Spaete Rothe Knorpelkirsche, 229;
Buettner Spaete Weichsel, 229;             Buettner's harte Marmorkirsche (syn. of Buettner Spaete Rothe Knorpelkirsche), 229;
Buettner's Late Red (syn. of Buettner Spaete Rothe Knorpelkirsche), 229;
Buettner's October (syn. of Buettner Spaete Weichsel), 229;            Buettner's October Morello (syn. of Buettner Spaete Weichsel), 229;
Buettner's October Zucker Weichsel (syn. of Buettner Spaete Weichsel), 229;
Buettner's rothe Marmorkirsche (syn. of Buettner Rothe Knorpelkirsche), 228;
Buettner's rothe Molkenkirsche (syn. of Buettner Rothe Herzkirsche), 228;
Buettner's schwarze neue Herzkirsche (syn. of Buettner Schwarze Herzkirsche), 229;
Buettner's schwarze neue Sauerkirsche (syn. of Buettner Schwarze Sauerkirsche), 229;
Buettner's Sehrspaete (syn. of Buettner Spaete Weichsel), 229;
Buettner's September und Octoberweichsel (syn. of Buettner Spaete Weichsel), 228;
Buettner's Yellow (syn. of Buettner Gelbe Knorpelkirsche), 228;                                         Byrnville, 230;

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California Advance, 193;
Cameleon, 230;    Cardinalskirsche, 230;
Carmine Stripe, 230;        Carnation, 194;        Caroline, 230;        Catskill, 230;
Cayenner Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Cayenne), 215; Centennial, 115; [Centennial in 'Cherries of Utah']
ceraseidos apetala (syn. of P. apetala), 21 (syn. ofP. incisa), 20;                             Cerasus acida (syn. ofP. cerasus), 24;
Cerasus asplenifolia (syn. of P.avium), 28;             Cerasus austera (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;             Cerasus avium (syn. of P.avium), 28; Cerasus bigarella, 30 (syn. of P. cerasus), 25;             Cerasus bigarella regalis, 31;         Cerasus bungei (syn. of P. cerasus), 25;
Cerasus californica (syn. of P. emarginata), 16;     Cerasus caproniana (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;
Cerasus caproniana flore roseo pleno (syn. of P. serrulata hisakura), 18;             Cerasus cucullata (syn, of P. cerasus), 25;
Cerasus decumana (syn. of P. avium), 28; Cerasus depressa (syn. of P. pumila), 34;
Cerasus donarium (syn. of P. serrulata grandiflora,), 18;          Cerasus dulcis (syn. of P. avium), 28;
Cerasus duracina (syn. of P. avium), 28 Cerasus effusa (syn. of P. cerasus), 25;   Cerasus glandulosa (syn. of P. glandulosa), 21; Cerasus glauca (syn. of P. pumila), 34;   Cerasus Heaumiana (syn. of P. cerasus), 25;  Cerasus herincquiana (syn. of P. pendula), 20;
Cerasus heterophylla (syn. of P. avium), 28; Cerasus hortenses (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;
Cerasus hortenesis foliis eleganter variegatis (syn. of Striped-Leaved), 323;
Cerasus incisa (syn. of P. incisa), 20;
Cerasus intermedia (syn. of P. avium), 28;
Cerasus itosakura (syn. of P. pendula), 20;
Cerasus japonica (syn. of P. glandulosa trichostyla sinensis), 21;
Cerasus japonica multiplex (syn. of P. glandulosa glabra albiplena), 21;
Cerasus Juliana (syn. of P. avium), 28;
Cerasus lannesiana (syn. of P. serrulata lannesiana), 18;
Cerasus macrophylla (syn. of P. avium), 28;
Cerasus mahaleb (syn. of P.mahaleb), 31;
Cerasus Marasca (syn. of P. cerasus), 25;
Cerasus nicotianaefolia (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;
Cerasus nigra (Syn. of P. avium), 28;
Cerasus pallida (syn. of P. avium), 28
Cerasus paniculata (syn. of P. pseudocerasus sieboldii), 17;
Cerasus pendula (syn. of P. pendula), 20;
Cerasus pendula flore roseo (syn. of P. pendula), 20;
Cerasus pendula kriegeri (syn. of P. serrulata kriegeri), 18;
Cerasus pendula rosea (syn. of P. pendula), 20;
Cerasus phoshia (syn. of P. cerasoides), 19;
Cerasus pseudocerasus (syn. of P. pseudocerasus), 17 (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Cerasus pseudocerasus "James Veitch "(syn. of P. serrulata veitchiana), 18;
Cerasus puddum (syn. of P. cerasoides), 19;
Cerasus pumila (syn. of P. Pumila), 34;
Cerasus regalis, 31;
Cerasus Rhexii (syn. of P. cerasus), 25;
Cerasus rubicunda (syn. of P. avium), 28;
Cerasus rufa (syn. of P. rufa), 19;
Cerasus salicifolia (syn. of P. avium), 28;
Cerasus serratifolia rosea (syn. of P. serrulata hisakura), 18;
Cerasus, group name of, 2 sub-genus of Prunus, 15; Cerasusserrulata (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Cerasus sieboldtii (syn. of P. pseudocerasussieboldii), 17;
Cerasus tomentosa (syn. of P. tomentosa), 33;
Cerasus tridenfira (syn. of P. cerasus), 25;
Cerasus varia (syn. of P. avium), 28;
Cerasus vulgaris (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;
Cerasus watereri (syn. of P. pseudocerasus watereri), 17;
Cerasus wattererii (syn. of P. pseudocerasus watereri), 17;
Cerise Albanes, 230;
Cerise d'Allemagne (syn, of German Morello), 258;
Cerise Anglaise (syn. of Cerise Guigne), 232;
Cerise d'Angleterre Precoce, 230;
Cerise de l'Ardeche, 230;
Cerise Bellon, 230;
Cerise de la Besnardiere, 231;
Cerise du Bicentenaire, 231;
Cerise Blanche 'a Petit Fruit, 231;
Cerise de Bourgueil (syn. of Bourgueil), 109;
Cerise Carminee (syn. of Carmine Stripe), 230;
Cerise Commune, 231;
Cerise Commune (syn. of Griotte Commune), 262;
Cerise Commune (de la Madeleine) (syn. of Madeleine), 294;
Cerise du Comte de Henneberg (syn. of Henneberger Grafenkirsche), 274;
Cerise 'a Cotes, 231;     Cerise 'a Courte Queue (syn. of Short-Stem Montmorency), 187;
Cerise d'Espagne, 231;     Cerise de l'Esviere (syn. of Cerise de Prusse), 232;
Cerise 'a la Feuille, 231;             Cerise 'a Feuilles bigarrees, (syn, of Tobacco-Leaved), 326;
Cerise de Folger (syn. of Folgerkirsche), 253;
Cerise de Gembloux, 231; Cerise de Gottorpe (syn. of Gottorper), 261;
Cerise Graisseuse (syn. of Speckkirsche), 321;         Cerise Guigne, 231;
Cerisier 'a Feuilles Lacinees, 234;
Cerisier 'a Feuilles de Saule (syn. of Willow-leaved 335;
Cerisier 'a Fruit Imbre,'a Fruit Blanc (Syn. of Choisy) 116;
Cerisier 'a Gros Fruit Blanc, 234;
Cerisier 'a Gros Fruit Rouge-pale (syn. of Cerise Rouge Pale), 233;
Cerisier Hatif (syn. of Early Richmond), 132;
Cerisier de Hollande (syn. of Coularde), 218;
Cerisier de Hollande d feuilles de saule ou de balsam (syn. of Willow-Leaved), 335;
Cerise Gros Fruit (syn. of Short-Stem Montmorency), 187;
Cerisier juniat (syn. of June Amarelle), 279;
Cerisier de la Madleine (syn. of Madeleine), 294;
Cerise Hative (syn. of Suesse Fruehweichsel), 324;
Cerisier Nain 'a Fruit Rond Precoce (syn. of Early May), 128;
Cerise Lard (syn. of Speckkirsche), 321;
Cerise de Mai Double, 232;                                     Cerisier Royal Tardif 'a Fruit Noir, 234;
Cerise de Mai Simple, 232;       Cerisier Tres-fertile, 234;
Cerise de Martigne, 232;             Cerisier de Varenne, 234;
Cerise 'a Noyau tendre (syn. of Soft-stone Cherry), 320;
Cerise Orange (syn. of Pomeranzen), 306;
Cerise d'Orange (syn. of Carnation), 114;
Cerise de Ostheim, 232;
Cerise du Palatinat (syn. of Velser), 329;
Cerise de petit-lait rouge (syn. of Rothe Molkenkirsche), 313;
Cerise de Planchouri (syn. of Planchoury), 305;    Cerise de Portugal (syn. of Arch Duke), 98;
Cerise de Prague tardive (syn. of Pragische Muskateller), 307;
Cerise precoce d'Altenlaud (syn. of Altenlander Fruehkirsche), 206;
Cerise du Prince Maurice, 232;
Cerise de Prusse, 232;
Cerise de Prusse noire (syn. of Cerise de Prusse), 232;
Cerise de Rouen Double, 232;
Cerise de Rouen Simple, 232;
Cerise Rouge Pale, 233;
Cerise Rouge Sanguine, 233;
Cerise Royale (syn. of Royal Duke), 184;
Cerise Royale de Hollande (syn. of Arch Duke), 98;
Cerise Royale Ordinaire, 233;
Cerise Royale Tardive D'AngIeterre (syn. of Holman Duke), 276;
Cerise de Sauvigny (syn. of Montmorency de Sauvigny), 298;
Cerise de Seckbach (syn. of Seckbacher), 318;
Cerise de Soissons, 233;
Cerise de Tierce, 233;                     Cerise 'a Trochet (syn. of Cerisier Tres-fertile), 234;
Cerise van der Nat (syn. of Double Natte), 123;
Cerise de Volger (syn. of Early Richmond), 132;
Cerise Wa1purgis (syn. of Bigarreau de Walpurgis), 221;                         Cerise de Xavier, 233;
Cerise de Zeisberg (syn. of Bigarreau de Zeisberg), 221;
Cerisier 'a Bouquet (syn. of Cluster), 119;                     Cerisier Commun 'a Fruit Rond, 233;
Cerisier Commun Pleureur, 233; Cerisier coulard de Holland (syn. of Coularde), 239;
Cerisier cuculle (syn. of Griottier 'a Feuilles Cuculles), 264;
Challenge, 234;    Champagne, 234;            Champion, 235;    Chapman, 235; [Chapman in 'Cherries of Utah']
Chapman, Henry, var. orig. by, 116;                Chapman, W. H., var. orig. by, 113, 235, 296, 309;
Charozé, var. orig. with, 271;            Chase, Lewis, var. orig. with, 292;
Chase, R.G., var. introduced by, 230;      [Chase (the pie cherry cultivar) in 'Cherries of Utah']      Chatenay, var. orig. with, 163;   Cheresoto, 235;
Cherries, adaptions of, in America, 55-56, amelioration of, 8-9, ancient historyof, 40, ancient uses 39-40, beginning of domestication of, 42-44, blooming dates and season of ripening of, 80-81,characters of bark, branches and buds, 11-12, characters of flowers and fruit, 13-14, characters of leaves of, 12-13, classification of cultivated varieties, 15, cultivated, origin of, 47-42,diseases89-92,distributionof cultivated varieties ??, domestication of, 8, early planting of, in America 56, geographical distribution of species of, 23-24, groups of, by German writers, 49, habit of growth of species, 10, hardiness of species 10, history of, in England, 49-55, history of, in Greece, history of, in Italy, 44-48, history of, in New England, 57-58, history of, in New York, history of, in the Middle West, 62, history in the Sixteenth Century, 48-49, history of, South, 61-62, history of, on the Pacific Coast 62-64, immunity of, to diseases and insects, insects detrimental to, 92-96, lack of literature list of, growing in America in 1804, 60-61, species of, 38 natural environment of, 76-80, number of described varieties of, 8, origin of described varieties of, 9, ornamental value of, 6-7, pollinationof, 82-83, productiveness of, 10, relation with other species, 1-2, separation of, from plums 24?, species of, 16-38, stocksfor, 67-76, susceptibility to diseases and insects, 10-11 tree and fruit characters of species 9-15, uses of fruit 3-6, uses of leaves and bark of, 6 wood-value of 6;
Cherry culture, commercial magnitude of in the United States, 65-67;
Cherry orchards, their care and management, 83-84;             Cherry-Duck (syn. of Holman Duke), 276; Cherry-growing, commercial status of, in New York, 85-88;             China Bigarreau, 236;
China Heart (syn. of China Bigarreau), 236;    Choisy, 116;     Choque, 236;
Christ, var. orig. by, 313;             Christbauer, 236;             Christiana, 236;             Churchill Heart, 236;
Cistena, 236;  Clark September, 236;
Cleveland, 198;         Clingman, A. K., var. orig. with, 292;
Cluster, 119;      Cluster Black Heart, 236;         Coburger Maiherzkirsche (syn. of Black Guigne), 104; Cocklin, E. H., var. orig. by, 145 var. introduced by, 236;   Cocklin Favorite, 236; Coe, 120; Coe, Curtis, var. orig. by, 120;      Coe Late Carnation, 237; Coe's Bunte Transparent (syn. of Coe), 120;Coe's Spaete Rote Kirsche (syn. of Coe Late Carnation), 237; Coe's Transparent (syn. of Coe), 120;
Coeur de Boeuf nouveau (syn. of Ox Heart [of America]), 303;
Coeur de Pigeon Gros (syn. of Belle de Rocmont), 212;                          Coeur de Pigeon Noir, 237; Coeur de Poule, 237;             Colassale d'Hedelfingen (syn. of Hedelfingen), 274;           Cole, 237;   Collman, A.F., var. orig. with, 238; Colorado Morello (syn. of English Morello), 139; Columbia, 237; Common French Griotte (Syn. of Griotte Commune), 262;                     Common Morello, 237;
Common Red Morello (syn. of Common Morello), 237;             Como, 237;
Comtesse de Medicis Spada, 237;             Condi, 237;                              Conestoga, 237;
Constance Maisin, 238;             Cook, Steven, var. orig. with, 238, 297;          Cook Imperial, 238;  Cornelia, 238;    Corning, 238      Corone, 238;             Corwin, 238;          Coularde, 238; Court-pendu de Gaiberg (syn. of Court-queue de Gaiberg), 239;             Courte-queue de Gaiberg, 239 Courtin, var. orig. with, 320;             Coxe, quoted, 68-69;         [Craighead Early in 'Cherries of Utah']        Crawford, 239;
Cream (syn. of Honey), 276;
Crown Prince, 239;
Cserszeger Honigkirsche, 239;
Cullen Cherrie, 239;
Cumberland, 239;
Cumberland Heart (syn. of Cumberland), 239;
Cumberland Spice (syn. of Cumberland), 239;
Cyclone, 239;

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D'Aremberg (syn. of Reine Hortense), 179;
Dacotah, 240;
Daiber Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 240;
Dankelmannskirsche, 240;
Dankelmann's Molkenkirsche (syn. of Dankelmannskirsche), 240;
Dankelmann's Weisse Herzkirsche (syn. of Dankelmannskirsche), 240;
D'Aout Erfurt (syn. of Erfurter Augustkirsche), 250;
Datge, 240;
Davenport, 240;
Davenport, Edward, var. orig. by, 240;
Davenport's Early (syn. of Davenport), 240;
Davenport's Early Black (syn. of Davenport), 240;
Davenport's Early Red (syn. of Davenport), 240;
De Belleu, 240;
De Chaux (syn. of German Morello), 258;
De Jacap, 240;
De Jonghe, var. orig. by, 327;
De Ravaene, 240;
De Siberie (syn. of Dwarf Siberian), 247;
De Siberie 'a fruit rond (syn. of Dwarf Siberian), 247;
De Siberie 'a gros fruit et 'a rameaux pendans, 241;
De Spa, 241;
De Vaux, 241;
Dearborn, H.A.S., var. introduced by, 163;
Dearborn Red French, 241;
Dechenaut, 241;
[Deacon in 'Cherries of Utah']

Delaware Bleeding Heart 241;
Delicate, 241;
Delices d'Erfurt (syn. of Erfurter Augustkirsche), 250;
Delicieuse, 241;
Denner Black, 241:
Des Cheneaux, 241;
Deutsche Belzweichsel, 241;
Deutsche Griotte (syn. of German Morello), 258;
Deutsche Weichsel (syn. of German Morello), 258;
Deutscher Griottier Weichselbaum (syn. of German Morello), 258;
Dikeman, 121;
Dikeman, George B., var. orig. with, 121;
Disnoder Gewuerzkirsche, 241;
Ditst, 241;
Dobbeete Moreller, 242;
Doctay, 242;
Doctor, 242;
Dr. Flynn, 242;
Dr. Wiseman, 242;
Doctorkirsche, 242;
Doctorknorpelkirsche, 242;
Dollaner Schwarze, 242;
Donna Maria, 243;
Doennissens gelbe Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Doennissen), 216;         Doppelte Amarelle (syn. of Doppelte Weichsel), 243; Doppelte Weichsel, 243; Doppelttragende Kleine Rothe Spaetkirsche (syn. of Hildesheim), 143;         Dorotheenkirsche, 243; Doerrells Neue Himbeerkirsche, 243;      Doty, 243;             Double Floured Cherry (syn. of Fleurs Doubles), 252;
Double Glass, 122;                             Double Natte, 123;
Double Yellow Spanish, 243;             Doublet, var. orig. by, 211;             Douce de Bardowick, 243;
Douce d'Espagne (syn. of Suesse Spanische), 324;             Douce de Palatinat (Syn. of Velser), 329;             Dougall, 243;
Dougall, James, var. introduced by, 243, 331 var. orig. with, 198;             Doulin Bigarreau, 243;         Dove Bank, 243;         Downer, 124; Downer, Samuel, var. orig. by, 124;         Downer's Late (syn. of Downer), 124;             Downer's Red Heart (syn. of Downer), 124; Downing, A.J., life of, 244 quoted, 70, 157 var. orig. by, 244;                         Downing, Charles, life of, 234-235 var. orig. by, 234; Downing Red Creek, 244;
Downing's Saemling (syn. of Downing Red Cheek), 244;   Downton, 244;             Downtoner Molkenkirsche (syn. of Downton), 244; Dresdener Mai Herzkirsche, 245;             Drogan, var. orig. by, 245;      Drogan White Bigarreau, 245;
Drogan Yellow Bigarreau, 245;             Drogans Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 245;
Drogan's Weisse Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Drogan White Bigarreau), 245;      Drooping Guigne, 245;               Du Comte Egger, 245;
Du Nord Nouvelle, 245;        Duchesse d'Angouleme, 245;              Duchesse de Palluau, 246;
Dudley, Paul, quoted, 58;             Duhamel, quoted, 70, 139; Duke Cherry (syn. of May Duke), 164;
Duke cherries, characters of, 31;             Duke of Edinburgh, 246;             Duemas, 246;          Dunkelrothe Knorpelkirsche, 246; Duraccia, 246;             Dure Noir Grosse, 247;                                 Dure de Sauvigny (syn. of Sauvigny Knorpelkirsche), 315;
Dutch Weeping (syn. of Dwarf Siberian), 247;             Dwarf Double Flowering (syn. of Fleurs Doubles), 253;         Dwarf Siberian, 247; Dyehouse, 125;                                                 Dyehouse, var. orig. by, 126;  [Dyehouse in 'Cherries of Utah']

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Eagle, 126;
Early Amarella, 247;
Early Amber, 247;
Early Black Bigarreau, 247;
Early Eugene, 247;
Early Griotte (syn. of Early Richmond), 132;
Early Guigne (syn. of Flamentine), 252;
Early Jaboulay (syn. of Lyons), 161;
Early Lamaurie (syn. of Lamaurie), 287;
Early Lyons (syn. of Lyons), 161;
Early Mathere (syn. of Guigne Precoce de Mathere), 271;
Early May, 128;
Early May, 247;
Early Morello, 129;
Early Prolific, 248;
Early Purple, 130; [Early Purple in 'Cherries of Utah']
Early Purple Guigne (syn. of Early Purple), 130;
Early Red and Yellow, 248;
Early Red Bigarreau, 248;
Early Red Guigne, 248;
Early Richmond, 131;   [Early Richmond in 'Cherries of Utah']
Early Rivers, 248; [Early Rivers in 'Cherries of Utah']
Early White Bigarreau (syn. of Flamentine), 252;
Early White Guigne (syn. of Grosse Guigne Blanche), 266;
Early York, 248;
Ebenter Cherry, 249;
Ecullyer Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Noir d'Ecully), 219;
Edouard Seneclause, 249;
Elfner Kirsche 249;
Elizabeth, 249;
Elkhorn, 134; [Elkhorn in 'Cherries of Utah']
Elliott, F. R., life of, 159, quoted, 71, 197 var. introduced by, 159;
Elliott's Favorite (syn. of Favorite), 251;
Elton, 135;
Emperor Francis, 249;  [Emperor Francis in 'Cherries of Utah']
Empress Eugenie 137;
Englische Schwarze Kronherzkirsche (syn. of Corone), 238;
Englische Weinkirsche, 249;
Englische weisse ganz fruehe Herzkirsche (syn. of Englische Weisse Herzkirsche), 250;
Englische Weisse Herzkirsche, 250;
English Amber, 249;
English Bearer, 249;
English Gaskin, 249;
English Morello, 138; susceptibility of, to leaf spot, 11;   [English Morello in 'Cherries of Utah']
English Preserve (syn. of English Bearer), 249;
Enopa, 250;
Epemier Noir (syn. of Black Hawk), 105
Episcopale, 250;
Eppers Weichsel, 250;
Erfurt Delicious (syn. of Erfurter Augustkirsche), 250;
Erfurter Augustkirsche, 250;
Esel Kirsche (syn. of May Duke), 164;
Espagne bigarree (syn. of Perlknorpelkirsche), 305;
Etopa, 250;
Eugene Furst, 250;
Eugenie (syn. of Empress Eugenie) 137;              Euprunus, sub-genus of Prunus, 15;                         Everbearing, 251;
Excellente Dotice Tardive, 251;      Eyami, 251;                                                         Ezaptan, 251;

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Faversham Heart, 251;
Favorite, 251;                     Fenno, J. H., var. orig. by, 301;                                 Fenwith, George, quoted, 58;
Festfleischige Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 251;       Flagg, 252;           Flamentine, 252;   Flanders (syn. of Early Richmond), 131; Flanders Cluster (syn. of Cluster), 119;             Flemish (syn. of Large Montmorency), 153; (syn. of Short-Stem Montmorency), 187;
Flemish Gean, 252;        Flemish Coloured Bigarreau (syn. of Elton), 135;       Fleurs Doubles, 252;   Fleurs Semi-doubles, 253; Florence, 140;          Florence Heart (syn. of Florence), 140;             Florianer Kirsche, 253;                 Flynn, var. orig. with, 242;
Folgers Swolfe, 254;        Folgerkirsche, 253;             Forsyth, quoted, 68;       Fouche Morello, 254;
Four to the Pound (syn. of Tobacco-Leaved), 326;                     Franzoesiche Suessweichsel (syn. of Cerise de Soissons), 233;
Fraser's White Tartarian (syn. of White Tartarian), 333;             Frauendorfer, 254;     Frauendorfer Weichsel (syn. of Frauendorfer), 254;
French (syn. of Early Richmond), 132;       French Amarelle, 254;             French Weichsel, 254;
Frogmore Bigarreau (syn. of Frogmore Early Bigarreau), 254;
Frogmore Early Bigarreau, 254;
Frogmore Early Crown, 254;             Frogmore Early Prolific (syn. of Frogmore Early Bigarreau), 254;
Frogmore Late Bigarreau, 255;             Frogmore Morrelo, 255;                                                     Fromm, var. orig. by, 255;
Fromm Heart, 235;             Fromms Schwarze Herzkirsche (syn. of Fromm Heart), 255;
Fruehe Bersteinkirsche (syn. of White Heart), 197;                                               Fruehe bunte Herzkirsche, 255;
Fruehe Englische Kirsche aus Loewen (syn. of Loewener Fruehkirsche), 292;             Fruehe Kurztielige Knorpelkirsche, 255;
Fruehe Lange Weisse Herzkirsche (syn. of Fruehe bunte Herzkirsche), 255;                         Fruehe Lemercier (syn. of Lemercier), 290; Fruehe Maiherzkirsche (syn. of Baumann May), 100;       Fruehe Maikirsche, 255;                         Fruehe Morello, 255;
Fruehe Natte aus Samen (syn. of Fruehe von der Natte), 256;
Fruehe Sauerkirsche, 256;
Fruehe Schattenmorelle (syn. of Shadow Amarelle), 318;
Fruehe Schwarze Herzkirsche (syn. of Black Guigne),104 (syn. of Black Heart), 106;
Fruehe Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 256;
Fruehe Suessweichsel von der Natt (syn. of Fruehe von der Natte), 256;
Fruehe von der Natte, 256;
Fruehe Zwergweichsel (syn. of Early May), 128;
Frueher Gobet, 256;
Frueheste Bunte Herzkirsche, 256;
Frueheste bunte Molkenkirsche (syn. of Frueheste Bunte Herzkirsche), 256;
Frueheste der Mark, 257;
Fruehkirsche (syn. of Frueheste Bunte Herzkirsche), 256;
Fruehzeitige Amarelle (syn. of Early Richmond), 132;
Fuerst Schwarze Septemberkirsche, 257;
Fuerst's Herzkirsche (syn. of Eugene Furst), 250;

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Galopin (syn. of Lutovka), 160;
Galusha, 257;
Gamdale, 257;
Garcine, 257;
Garcine, var. orig. by, 257;
Gardiner, 257;
Gardner, V. R., quoted, 82-83;
Gascoigne (syn. of Bleeding Heart), 109;
Gascoigne's Heart (syn. of Bleeding Heart), 109;
Gaskins, 257;
Gauchers Knorpelkirsche, 257;
Geante de Badacson (syn. of Badacsony), 209;
Geante d'Hedelfingen (syn. of Hedelfingen), 274;
Gedoppelte Amarelle mit halbgefuellter Bluete (syn. of Fleurs Semi-doubles), 253;
Geer, 257;
Gefuelltbluehende Amarelle (syn. of Fleurs Doubles), 253;
Gefuellibluehende Suesskirsche (syn. of Large Double Flowering), 287;
Gefuellter Kirschbaume (syn. of Fleur Semi-doubles), 253;
Gelbe Herzkirsche, 257;
Gelbe Wachskirsche, 258;
Gemeine Glaskirsche, 258;
Gemeine Marmorkirsche (syn. of Yellow Spanish), 202;
Gemeine Schwarz Herzkirsche (syn. of Grosse Schwarze Herzkirsche), 267;
Gemeine Suessweichsel (syn. of Griotte Commune), 262;
Genesee, 258;
George Glass, 141;
Gerarde, quoted, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55;
German, 258;
German Duke (syn. of German Morello), 258;
German (Kraus) (syn. of German), 258;
German Morello, 258;
Germersdorf, 259;
Germersdorfer Grosse Kirsche (syn. of Germersdorf), 259;
Geschlitztblaettrige Suessweichsel, 259;
Gestriefte Herzkirsche, 259;
Gewoehnliche Muskatellerkirsche, 259;
Giant, 259; [Giant in 'Cherries of Utah']        Gibb, 259;            Gifford, 259;                 Gilbert, R., var. orig. by, 227;
Glanzende goldgelb und roth marmorirte Kramelkirsche (syn. of Belle de Rocmont), 212;                Glasherzkirsche, 259;
Glaskirsche mit dickgefuellter Bluethe (syn. of Fleurs Doubles), 252;
Glaskirsche mit halbgefuellter Bluethe (syn. of Fleurs Semi-doubles), 253;
Glaskirsche von der Natte, 260;             Glas-Molkenkirsche (syn. of Glasherzkirsche), 259;    Glass (syn. of Double Glass), 122; Glasskirsche Kurztielige, 260;                                                                                         Gloire de France, 260;
Gobet 'a Courte Queue (syn. of Short-Stem Montmorency), 187;                 Gobet Hatif (syn. of Frueher Gobet), 256;
[Gold in 'Cherries of Utah']                 Golden Knob, 260;
Goldgelbe Herzkirsche, 260;             Goldsmith Black Heart, 260;                 Goodspeed, 260;
Gormley, 260;             Gormley, John, var. orig. with, 260;             Gottorper, 261;        Gottorper Marmorkirsche (syn. of Gottorper), 261; Gould No. X, 261;             Governor Luce, 261;                 Gov. Shannon (syn. of Shannon), 319;
Governor Wood (syn. of Wood), 199;   [Governor Wood in 'Cherries of Utah']              Grafenburger Fruehkirsche, 261;       Graffion (syn. of Yellow Spanish), 202; Graham, 261;             Grand, var. introduced by, 217;                 Grande Ronde, 261;             Great Bearing, 261;
Great Bigarreau (syn. of Mezel), 167;
Great Cornelian (syn. of Double Glass), 122;             Great Leafed, 261;                 Great rose (syn. of Fleurs Doubles), 252;
Grenner Glas, 261;         Gridley, 261;             Gridley, Samuel, var. orig. with, 261;         Griotte (syn. of Griotte Commune), 262; Griotte Acher, 262;             Griotte d'Allemagne (syn. of German Morello), 258;
Griotte de Bettenbourg (syn. of Bettenburger Weichsel), 214 ;
Griotte 'a Bouquet (syn. of Cluster), 119;             Griotte de Buettner, 262;                 Griotte de Chaux (syn. of German Morello), 259;
Griotte Commune, 262;                         Griotte 'a Courte Queue (syn. of Imperial Morello), 278;
Griotte Double (syn. of Griotte Acher), 262;
Griotte Douce Precoce, 262;                         Griotte de Frauendorf (syn. of Frauendorfer), 254;
Griotte 'a gros fruit noir de Piemont (syn. of Griotte Noire de Piemont), 263;
Griotte 'a gros fruit rouge de Piemont (syn. of Griotte Rouge de Piemont), 264;                 Griotte Guigne (syn. of Cerise Guigne), 232;
Griotte Imperiale (syn. of Imperial Morello), 278;
Griotte Kleparite (syn. of Griotte de Kleparow), 263;
Griotte de Kleparow, 263;
Griotte de Leopold (syn. of Leopoldskirsche), 290;
Griotte Lodigiana, 263;
Griotte Noire, 263;
Griotte Noire de Piemont, 263;
Griotte Noire des Vosges (syn. of Noire des Vosges), 301;
Griotte du Nord Amelioree, 263;
Griotte 'a Petit Fruit, 263;
Griotte de Portugal (syn. of Arch Duke), 98;
Griotte Precoce, 263;
Griotte Precoce d'Espagne (syn. of Spanish Fruehweichsel), 320;
Griotte rouge fonce (syn. of Braunrote Weichsel), 226;
Griotte Rouge de Piemont, 264;
Griotte de Schaarbeck, 264;
Griotte simple (syn. of Griotte Commune), 262;
Griotte Tardive d'Annecy, 264;
Griotte Tardive de Buettner (syn. of Buettner Spaete Weichsel), 229;
Griotte Tardive de Plombieres, 264;
Griotte de Toscane, 264;
Griotte de Turquie, 264;
Griotte de Wellington (syn. of Wellington), 332;
Griottier 'a Feuilles Cucullees, 264;
Griottier 'a feuilles de Pecher (syn. of Willow-Leaved), 335;
Griottier 'a feuilles de Saule (syn. of Willow-Leaved), 335;
Griottier 'a Fruit Aigre, 264;
Griottier 'a Longues Feuilles, 264;
Griottier Nain Precoce (syn. of Early May), 128;
Griottier Weichselbaum (syn. of Griotte Commune), 262;
Groll Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 264;
Grolls bunte Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Groll), 217;
Gros Bigarreau Blanc (syn. of Napolean), 171;
Gros Bigarreau coeur-de-Poule (syn. of Coeur de Poule), 237;
Gros Bigarreau noir (syn. of Elkhorn), 134;
Gros Bigarreau pourpre (syn. of Bigarreau pourpre), 220;
Gros Bigarreau Rond, 265;
Gros Gobet (syn. of Short-Stem Montmorency), 187;
Gros Guindoul Hatif, 265;
Gross Blättrige Molkenkirsche (syn. of Tobacco-Leaved), 326;
Grosse Blanche Carree, 265;
Grosse Bunte Herzkirsche, 265;
Grosse Bunte Molkenkirsche (syn. of Grosse Bunte Herzkirsche), 265;
Grosse Cerise à Ratafia (syn. of English Morello), 139;
Grosse Cerise des Religieuses (syn. of Grosse Nonnenkirsche), 266;
Grosse Cerise Transparente (syn. of Grosse Glaskirsche), 265;
Grosse Deutsche Belzkirsche (syn. of German Morello), 258;
Grosse dunkel braunrothe Kramelkirsche (syn. of Festfleischige Schwarze Knorpelkirsche), 251;
Grosse Friedrichskirsche, 265;             Grosse Glänzende Schwarze Herzkirsche (syn. of Guigne Noir Luisante), 270;
Grosse Glas-Herzkirsche (syn. of Glasherzkirsche), 259;             Grosse Glaskirsche, 265;
Grosse Glaskirsche von Montmorency (syn. of Large Montmorency), 153;                            Grosse Gomballoise, 265;
Grosse-Griotte à vin (syn. of Grosse Weinkirsche), 268;                         Grosse Guigne Blanche, 265;
Grosse Guigne Noire à Court Pedicelle, 266;             Grosse Guigne noire luisante (syn- of Guigne Noir Luisante), 270;
Grosse Hackerige Marmorkirsche, 266      Grosse Lange Lothkirsche (syn. of English Morello), 139;         Grosse Mogulkirsche, 266; Grosse Morelle, 266;             Grosse Morelle double (syn. of Grosse Morelle), 266;                 Grosse Nonnenkirsche, 266;
Grosse Picarde, 266;                                                                                         Grosse Schwarze Fruehe Herzkirsche, 267;
Grosse Schwarze Glanzkirsche (syn. of Prinzenkirsche), 308;           Grosse Schwarze Herzkirsche, 267;
Grosse Schwarze Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Elkhorn), 134;
Grosse schwarze Knorpelkirsche mit festem Fleisch (syn. of Festfleischige Schwarze Knorpelkirsche), 251;
Grosse schwarze ungarische Herzkirsche (syn. of Grosse Ungarische Kirsche), 267;
Grosse Spanische Weichsel (syn. of Spanische Glaskirsche), 320;
Grosse späte Amarelle (syn. of Grosse Tardive), 267;                 Grosse Späte Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 267;
Grosse Süsse Maiherzkirsche, 267;                 Grosse Süsse Maikirsche (syn. of Grosse Süsse Maiherzkirsche), 267;
Grosse Tardive, 267;                         Grosse Transparente, 267;
Grosse Ungarische Kirsche, 267;                                             Grosse de Verrirees, 267;
Grosse de Wagnellee, 268;             Grosse Weinkirsche, 268;                 Grosse Weisse Frühkirsche, 268;
Grosse Weisse Marmorkirsche (syn. of Napoleon), 172;
Grosse wohltragende holländische Morelle (syn. of Wohltragende Hollandische Kirsche), 335;
Grosser Gobet (syn. of Large Montmorency), 153;
Grosser weisser glänzender Herzkirschbaum (syn. of Gelbe Herzkirsche), 257;
Groth Braune Knorpelkirsche, 268;         Groth Gelbe Knorpelkirsche, 268;
Groth's Wachskirsche (syn. of Groth Gelbe Knorpelkirsche), 268;
Gruenstiel-Kirsche, 268;       Guben, 268;             Gubener Bernsteinkirsche (syn. of Ambree de Guben), 207;
Gubener Schwarze Knorpel (syn. of Guben), 268;
Gubens Ehre, 268;             Guigne d'Annonay (syn. of Guinge la Plus Hative), 271;             Guinge Anglaise Blanche Precoce, 268; Guigne d'Argovie, 268;
Guigne de Bettenbourg (syn. of Bettenburger Herzkirsche), 214;
Guigne Bigaudelle (syn. of Black Guigne), 104;
Guigne Blanche (syn. of Grosse Guigne Blanche), 265;
Guigne Blanche de Bordan (syn. of Bigarreau Bordan 215;
Guigne Blanche Precoce, 269;
Guigne Blanche de Winkler (syn. of Guigne Carnee Winkler), 269;
Guigne Bonne Alostoise, 269;
Guigne brune de Liefeld (syn. of Liefeld Braune), 291;
Guigne de Buxeuil, 269;
Guigne Carnee Winkler, 269;
Guigne de Chamblondes, 269;
Guigne Chamonale, 269;
Guigne Chavanne, 269;
Guigne Choque (syn. of Choque), 236;
Guigne Coe (syn. of Coe), 120;
Guigne 'a courte queue (syn. of Guigne Courte-queue d'Oullins), 269;
Guigne Courte-queue d'Oullins, 269;
Guigne Dowton (syn. of Downton), 244;
Guigne Early Rivers (syn. of Early Rivers), 248;            Guigne Ecarlate, 269;       Guigne de l'Escalier, 269;
Guigne de Gland, 269;
Guigne 'a gros fruit blanc (syn. of Grosse Guigne Blanche) 265;
Guigne 'a Gros Fruit Noir Hative (syn. of Grosse Schwarze Fruehe Herzkirsche), 267;
Guigne Grosse ambree (syn. of Gelbe Herzkirsche), 257;
Guigne Grosse Rouge Hative, 269;
Guigne Grosse Rouge Tardive, 270;
Guigne Guindole, 270;
Guigne Hative d'Elsdorf, 270;
Guigne-hative de Schneider (syn. of Schneider Fruehe Herzkirsche), 316;
Guigne Hative de Werder (syn. of Werder Early Black), 332;
Guigne Jaune (syn. of (Gelbe Herzkirsche), 257;
Guigne de Kruger (syn. of Krueger Herzkirsche), 285;
Guigne Lucien (syn. of Lucien), 293;
Guigne Ludwig (syn. of Ludwig Bigarreau), 293;
Guigne de Mai (syn. of Baumann May), 100;
Guigne Marbree, 270;
Guigne marbree precoce (syn. of Guigne la Plus Hative), 271;
Guigne Marie Besnard, 270;
Guigne Marjolet (syn. of Bigarreau Marjolet), 218;
Guigne mûre de Paris (syn. of Spaete Maulbeerkirsche), 321;
Guigne de Nice, 270;
Guigne Noir Luisante, 270;
Guigne Noire Ancienne (syn. of Black Heart), 106;
Guigne Noire Commune (syn. of Black Guigne), 104;
Guigne Noire 'a Gros Fruit (syn. of Black Tartarian), 107;
Guigne Noire Hative, 270;
Guigne noire hative 'a gros fruits (syn. of Guigne Noir Luisante), 270;
Guigne Noire de Monstreux, 271;             Guigne noire Spitz (syn. of Spitzens Herzkirsche), 322;     Guigne Nouvelle Espece, 271; Guigne Olive, 271;                                         Guigne panachee longue precoce (syn. of Fruehe bunte Herzkirsche), 255;
Guigne panachee precoce (syn. of Early Amber), 247;
Guigne panachee tres-precoce (syn. of Frueheste Bunte Herzkirsche), 256;                 Guigne Petite Blanche, 271;
Guigne Petite Rouge, 271;          Guigne la Plus Hative, 271;          Guigne Precoce Leo d'Ounons, 271;
Guigne Precoce de Mai (syn. of Baumann May), 100;             Guigne Precoce de Mathere, 271;             Guigne Precoce Ponctuee, 271; Guigne de Provence, 271;          Guigne Ramon Oliva, 271;             Guigne Reinette noire (syn. of Guigne Noir Luisante), 270;
Guigne Rose Hative, 271;
Guigne Rouge Commune, 272;       Guigne Rouge Hative (syn. of Bleeding Heart), 109;             Guigne Rouge Ponctuee, 272; Guigne Royale (syn. of Bigarreau Double Royale), 216;             Guigne de Russie 'a Fruit Blanc, 272;
Guigne sucree de Leon Leclerc (syn. of Sucree Leon Leclerc), 323;             Guigne de Tarascon (syn. of Tarascon Kirsche), 324; Guigne Tardive de Downer (syn. of Downer), 124;
Guigne de Tilgener (syn. of Tilgner Rothe Herzkirsche), 326;          Guigne Tres Precoce, 272;
Guigne Troprichts (syn. of Troprichters Schwarze Knorpelkirsche), 328;          Guigne van der Brock, 272;
Guigne Villeneuve, 272;             Guigne de Winkler (syn. of Guigne Carnee Winkler), 269;
Guignier 'a Fruit Noir (syn. of Black Heart), 106;
Guignier 'a Fruit Noir et Tres-long Pedoncule, 272;             Guignier à fruit rose hatif (syn. of Guigne Rose Hative), 272;
Guignier 'a Fruit Rouge Tardif (syn. of Hildesheim), 143;
Guignier 'a gros fruit noir (syn. of Grosse Schwarze Herzkirsche), 267;
Guignier 'a Gros Fruit Noir et Court Pedoncule (syn. of Grosse Guigne Noire 'a Court Pedicelle), 266;
Guignier 'a Gros Fruit noir hatif (syn. of Guigne Noire Hative), 270;
Guignier 'a gros fruit noir luisant (syn. of Guigne Noir Luisante), 270;
Guignier 'a Petit Fruit Noir, 272;
Guignier 'a rameaux pendans (syn. of Drooping Guigne), 245;             Guindoux Noir de Faix, 272;
Guindoux du Poitou (syn. of Imperial Morello), 278;
Guindoux de Provence (syn. of Cerise de Prusse), 232;             Gunsleber Spaete Knorpelkirsche, 273;

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Halbgefuelltbluehende Amarelle (syn. of Fleurs Semidoubles), 253;                              Halbgefuelltbluehende Weichsel, 273;
Halifax, 273;
Hallock, 273;
Hallock, Nicholas, var. orig. with, 273;
Hallowell, 273;
Hamell Kirsche, 275;
Hamels Arissen, 273;
Harrison's Heart (syn. of Napoleon), 172;
Hartlib, 273;
Hartlippe, 273;
Hartz Mountain, 273;
Hative de Balis, 173;
Hative de Louvain (syn. of Loewener Fruehkirsche), 292;
Hative de Nattes (syn. of Fruehe von der Natte), 256;
Hative de Prin, 273;
Hative de St. Jean, 273;
Hative ou Precoce, 273;
Headley, 274;
Healy, 274;
Heart-Shaped Griotte (syn. of Heart-Shaped Weichsel), 142;
Heart-Shaped Weichsel, 142;
Hedelfingen, 274;
Hedelfingen Risenkirsche (syn. of Hedelfingen), 274;
Hedwigs Kirsche, 274;
Heidelberger Kirsche, 274;
Heiges, 274;
Heintzen (Heintze's) Fruehe Kirsche, 274;
Heintzen's (Heintze's) Schwarze Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Noir de Heintzen), 219;
Henneberger Grafenkirsche, 274;
Henrard, Denis, var. orig. by, 327;
Hensel Early, 274;
Herrnhaeuser neue Ochsenherzkirsche (syn. of Neue Ochsenherzkirsche), 300;
Hertogs-Kers (syn. of Elkhorn), 134;
Herzfoermige Sauerkirsche (syn. of Heart-Shaped Weichsel), 142;
Herzfoermige Suessweichsel (syn. of Rothe Herzkirsche), 313;
Herzkirsche Leona Quesnel, 275;
Herzkirsche Napoleon III (syn. of Bigarreau Napoleon Noir), 219;
Herzkirsche Trauben, 275;
Herzkirsche Wills Fruehe, 275;
Herzkirschenbaum mit grosse gefuellter Bluethe (syn. of Large Double Flowering), 287;
Herzkirschweichsel, 275;
Herzog May, 275;
Herzogin von Angouleme (syn. of Duchesse d'Angouleme), 245;
Herzogin von Paluau (syn. of Duchesse de Palluau), 246;
Herzogskirsche (syn. of Arch Duke), 98;
Hildesheim, 143;
Hildesheimer Ganz Spaete Knorpelkiriche (syn. of Hildesheim), 143;
Hildesheimer Spaete Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Hildesheim), 144;
Hiller, Casper, var. introduced by, 237;
Hoadley, 275;
Hochgenuss Von Erfurt (syn. of Erfurter Augustkirsche), 250;         Hockenberg, 275;             Hogg Black Gean, 273;
Hogg Red Gean, 275;           Hoke, 275;        Holland Bigarreau (syn. of Napolean), 172;
Holland Griotte (syn. of Coularde), 239;             Holländische Folgerkirsche (syn. of Folgerkirsche), 253;
Holländische grosse Kirsche Coulard (syn. of Coularde), 239;
Holländische Grosse Prinzessinkirsche (syn. of Napoleon), 171;
Holländische grosse Weichsel [or] Coulard (syn. of Coularde), 239;
Hoellandische Kirsche (syn. of Hoellandische Späte Weichsel), 275;
Hollandische Späte Weichsel, 275;             Holländische Süssweichsel (syn. of Coularde), 239;
Hoellandische Weichsel (syn. of Höllandische Späte Weichsel), 275;
Holländische Weichselbaum mit sehr grosser Frucht [or] Coulard (syn. of Coularde), 239;           Holman Duke, 276;
Holme Late Duke, 276;             Holstein, 276;             Homer, 276;
Honey, 276;             Honey Dew, 276;          Honey Heart (syn. of Sparhawk), 199;             Honeywood, 276;
Hoppock, Cornelius, var. orig. by, 277;             Hoppock Yellow, 277;
Hortense (syn. of Reine Hortense), 179;             Hoshino, Yugo, quoted, 75;           Hoskins, 277;
Hoskins, C. E., life of, 277 var. orig. by, 274, 277, 286, 291, 296, 301, 309, 323, 330;
Houblon, John, var. orig. with, 141;           Hovey, 277;             Hovey, C.M., var. orig. with, 277;             Hoy, 277;
Hubbard, 278;
Hungarian Cherry of Zwerts (syn. of Hungarian Gean), 278;             Hungarian Gean, 278;
Hyde, T. & G., var. orig. with, 278;             Hyde Late Black, 278;
Hyde Red Heart, 278;
Hyde's Seedling (syn. of Hyde Red Heart), 278;

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Ida, 144;
Imperatrice Downton (syn. of Downton), 244;
Imperial (syn. of Imperial Morello), 278;
Imperial Morello, 278;
Incomparable en Beaute, 278;             Ingram, Thomas, var. orig. by, 254, 255;
Intorka, 278;
Irwin, var. orig. by, 325;

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Jaboulay, var. orig. with, 161;             Jahns Durchsichtige (syn. of Transparent Guigne), 328;
Jaune de Prusse, 279;
Jeffrey Duke, 146;                 Jean Arendsen, 279;
Jeffrey's Royal (syn. of Jeffrey Duke), 146;
Jenkin Black Heart, 279;
Jerusalem Kirsche von der Natte, 279;
Jerusalemskirsche, 279;
Jockotos (syn. of Jocosot), 279;
Jocosot, 279;
Joel Keil Kleine Schwarze Herzkirsche, 279;
John Tradescantes Cherrie (syn. of Elkhorn), 134;
Josselyn, John, quoted, 57;
June Amarelle, 279;
June Duke, 280;
June Morello (syn. of June Amarelle), 279;
Juniat Amarelle (syn. of June Amarelle), 279;
Junius Amarelle (syn. of June Amarelle), 279;
Justinische Amarelle (syn. of Justinische Morello), 280;
Justinische Morello, 280;

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Kaiser Franz Josef (syn. of Emperor Francis), 249;
Kaiserliche Weichsel (syn. of Imperial Morello), 278;
Kamdesa, 280;
Kappenblaettrige Suessweichsel, 280;
Kapuziner Knorpel (syn. of Bigarreau de Capucins), 215;
Kassin, var. orig. by, 280;
Kassin Fruehe Herzkirsche, 280;
Katie 280;
Kaufmann, 280;
Kazan Seedling, 280;
Kelly, 280;
Kennicott, 281;
Kentish (syn. of Early Richmond), 132 (syn. of Late Kentish), 157;
Kentish Bigarreau (syn. of White Heart), 197;
Kentish Drier, 281;
Kentish Preserve, 281;
Kentish Red (syn. of Late Kentish), 157;
Keokuk, 281;
Kesterter Frueh Kirsche, 281;
King Amarelle, 147;
King George the Second, 281;
King Morello, 281;
King's Cherry (syn. of King Amarelle), 147;
Kinsey, Samuel, var. introduced by, 330;
Kirchheimer, 281;
Kirchheimer Weichsel (syn. of Kirchheimer), 281;
Kirsche von der Natte (syn. of Double Natte), 123;            Kirsche von Benardiere (syn. of Cerise de la Besnardiere), 231;
Kirsch von Planchoury (syn. of Planchoury), 305;
Kirsche von Basel, 281;
Kirschwasser, manufacture of, 4;            Kirtland, B. B, var, orig. by, 236, 296;   Kirtland, 148;
Kirtland, J.P., life of, 200 var. introduced by, 118 var. orig. by 105, 148, 183, 200, 222, 225, 230, 241, 242, 248, 251, 275, 279, 281, 282, 288, 291, 292, 293, 294, 302, 303, 306, 307, 310, 319, 323, 324;
Kirtland Morello, 282;
Kirtland's Large Morello (syn. of Kirtland Morello), 282;
Kirtland's Mammoth (syn. of Mammoth), 294;
Kirtland's Mary (syn. of Kirtland), 148;
Kleindienst; var. orig. by, 282;
Kleindienst Braune Knorpel, 282;           Kleine Amarelle, 282;                 Kleine Ambra (syn. of Goldgelbe Herzkirsche), 260;
Kleine Ambra, [or] Goldgelber Herzkirschbaum (syn. of Goldgelbe Herzkirsche), 260;
Kleine Bunte Fruehkirsche, 282;                                                                             Kleine Bunte Herzkirsche, 282;
Kleine bunte Molkenkirsche (syn. of Kleine Bunte Herzkirsche), 282;           Kleine Fruehe Amarelle, 282;
Kleine Glaskirsche von Montmorency (syn. of Montmorency), 169;
Kleine Natte, 282;
Kleine Nonnenkirsche, 283;           Kleine Schwarze Fruehe Herzkirsche, 283;
Kleine Schwarz Herzkirsche, 283;             Kleine Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 283;           Kleine Weisse Fruehkirsche, 283;
Kruegers schwarze Herzkirsche (syn. of Krueger Herzkirsche), 285;
Kleine weisse Fruehkirsche (syn. of Grosse Guigne Blanche), 265;             Kleine weisse Perlkirsche (syn. of Dankelmannskirsche), 240; Kleiner Frueher May Herzkirschbaum, 283;             Kleparavoska (syn. of Griotte de Kleparow), 263;
Kleparower Suessweichsel (syn. of Griotte de Kleparow), 263;               Knapp, 283;             Knapp, George, var. orig. with, 283; Knevett's Late Bigarreau (syn. of Florence), 140;     Knight, 149;             Knight, T.A., var. orig. by, 127,136,150,196, 245;
Knight Late Black, 283;        Knight's Early Black (syn. of Knight), 149;
Knights Fruehe Herzkirsche (syn. of Knight), 149;   Knorpelkirsche von Cleveland (syn. of Cleveland), 118;           Knudson, 283; [Knudson in 'Cherries of Utah']  Knudson, William O., var. orig. with, 283;             Knyasnaia Sjevera, 284;
Koch Spaete Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 284;             Kochs Ostheimer Weichsel, 294;
Kochs verbesserte Ostheimer Weichsel (syn. of Kochs Ostheimer Weichsel), 284;
Koehne, species listed by, 16-22;             Koeper, 284;           Kolaki, 284;
Koenigliche Fleischkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Double Royale), 216;
Koenigliche Herzkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Double Royale), 216;
Koenigliche Suessweichsel (syn. of Jeffrey Duke), 146;       Koenigskirsche (syn. of Royal Duke), 194;
Korkovanyer Kirsche, 284;           Koslov, 284;             Koslov bush Morello (syn. of Koslov), 284;
Koslov-Morello (syn. of Kuslov), 284;             Kostelnice, 285;             Kostelniti, 285;
Kleine fruehe rothe Herzkirsche (syn. of Guigne Rose Hative), 271;
Kramelkirschenbaum mit gross gefuellter Bluethe (syn. of Large Double Flowering), 287;
Kratos Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Hildesheim), 144;
Kreiselkirsche (syn. of Toupie), 327;
Kriek van den Broek, 285;
Kritzendorfer Einsiedekirsche, 285;
Kronberg Black Heart (syn. of Kronberger Kirsche), 285;
Kronberger Herzkirsche (syn. of Kronberger Kirsche), 285;
Kronberger Kirsche, 285;
Kronkirsche (syn. of Kronberger Kirsche), 285;
Kronprinz von Hannover, 285;
Krueger Herzkirsche, 285;
Kruegers Herzkirsche zu Frankfurt (syn. of Krueger Herzkirsche), 285;
Krueger's Schwarze Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Krueger), 218;

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La Nappe, 286;
Lacure (Large), 286;
Lacure (Small ), 286;
Lade, var. orig. by, 286;
Lade Late, 286;
Lady of the Lake, 286;
Lady Southampton, 286;
Lady Southampton's Yellow (syn. of Lady Southampton), 286;
Laeder Kirsebaer, 286;
Lake, 286;
Laker or Loker Bunte Knorpelkirsche, 286;
Lamaurie, 287;
Lambert, 151;  [Lambert in 'Cherries of Utah']
Lambert, J. H., var. orig. by, 152;
Lampen Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 287;
Lampers Knorpel-Kirsche (syn. of Lampen Schwarze Knorpelkirsche), 287;
Lancaster, 287;
Lange Marmorkirsche (syn. of Napoleon), 171;
Langsurer Brachtweichsel, 287;
Large Black Bigarreau of Savoy (syn. of Black Bigarreau of Savoy), 222;
Large Black Gean, 287;
Large Double Flowering, 287;                                     Large Griotte, 288;
Large Guindolle, 288;
Large Heart-shaped Bigarreau, 288;
Large Honey (syn. of Honey), 276;
Large Late Red Bigarreau, 288;
Large Montmorency, 153;
Large Morello (syn. of English Morello), 139 (syn. of Kirtland Morello), 282;
Large Red Bigarreau (syn. of Red Bigarreau), 310;
Large Spanish, 288;
Larose, var. orig. by, 180, 288;
Larose (syn. of Laroses Glaskirsche), 288;
Laroses Glaskirsche, 288;
Late Amber (syn. of Cocklin Favorite), 236;
Late Amber Gean (syn. of Amber Gean), 207;
Late Bigarreau, 289;
Late Black Bigarreau, 289;
Late Black Bigarreau (syn. of Guben), 268;             Late Duke, 155;    [Late Duke in 'Cherries of Utah']       Late Gean, 289;
Late Honey (syn. of Honey), 276;                 Late Kentish, 157;
Late Large Black Griotte, 289;             Late Purple Guigne, 289;             Late Red Guigne (syn. of Hildesheim), 143;
Late Richmond, 289;             Late Ripe, 289;             Late White Guigne, 289;             Latham, 289;
Lauermannskirsche (syn. of Napoleon), 171;           Laura, 289;        Lawrence, John, quoted, 68;
Lawson, quoted, 62;           Leather Stocking, 290;             Leclerc, Leon, var. orig. with, 323;           Leib, 290;
Leitzkauer, 290;             Leitzkauer Einmachweichsel (syn. of Leitzkakauer), 290;           Lemercier, 290;
Lemercier, var. orig. with, 290;             Leon Leclercs Herzkirsche (syn. of Sucree Leon Leclerc), 323;             Leopold (II), 290; Leopoldskirsche, 290;                 Leschken (Leschke's) Schwarze Knorpel Kirsche, 291;
Lesser rose (syn. of Fleurs Semi-doubles), 253;           Lethe, 291;        Lewelling (syn. of Republican), 191;
Lewelling, Henderson, life of, 151-152; Lewelling, Seth, life of, 151-152 var. orig. by, 103, 181, 291, 335, 335;
Liefeld Braune, 291;                                                         Liegel's Suesse Fruehweichsel (syn. of Griotte Douce Precoce), 262;
Lieke, var. orig. with, 285, 291;
Lieke Bunte Knorpelkirsche, 291;             Ligier, var. orig. with, 169;           Lincoln (I), 291;             Lincoln (II), 291;
Lindley, 291;             Lipp, 292;             Lipp Late Blood (syn. of Lipp), 292;             Litham, 292;             Lithauer, 158;
Little Phil, 292;           Logan, 292;             Long Finger, 292;
Long Stem Montmorency (syn. of Montmorency), 169;           Look No Further, 292;             Lord Belhaven White Heart, 292; Lothaunner Erfurter, 292;             Lothkirsche, 292;             Loudon, quoted, 70;             Louis Philippe, 158;           Louise, 292; Louisiana Iron Clad, 292;             Love Apple (syn. of Tomato), 327;             Loewener Fruehkirsche, 292;
Lowener Fruehweichsel, 292;
Lucien, 293;
Ludwig Bigarreau, 293;
Ludwig's Bunte Herzkirsche (syn. of Ludwig Bigarreau), 293;
Luigne, M. de, var. orig. with, 296;
Lukeward, 293;
Lukeward's Heart (syn. of Lukeward), 293;
Lundie Guigne, 293;
Lutovka, 160;
Lyons, 161; [Lyons in 'Cherries of Utah']

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McAdow, 293;
McAdow, var. orig. by, 293;
MacRoach, 293;
MacRoach, James, var. orig. with, 293;
Madame Courtois, 293;
Madame Gregoire, 294;
Madeleine, 294;
Madison, 294;
Madison Bigarreau (syn. of Madison), 294;
Madison's Bunte Herzkirsche (syn. of Madison), 294;
Magann, 294;
Magese, 294;
Magnifique, 163;
Magnifique de Daval, 294;
Magog, 294;
Mahaleb stock, comparison of, with Mazzard stock 72-73 history and value of, 69-72;
Major Francis (syn. of Ox Heart [of America]), 303;  [Major Francis in 'Cherries of Utah']
Mammoth, 294;
Mammoth Oxheart, 295;
Mammuthkiriche (syn. of Mammoth), 294;
Manger, 295;
Manning, Robert, var. orig. by, 248, 294, 295, 333;
Manning Black Bigarreau (syn. of Manning Late Black), 295;
Manning Early Black, 295;
Manning Early White Heart, 295;
Manning Late Black, 295;
Manning Mottled, 295;
Maple Heart, 295;
Maquerlot, var. introduced by, 273;
Maraschino, history and manufacture of, 4-5;
Marells Royal, 295;
Marguerite (syn. of Bender [of New York] ), 213;
Maria Gaucher, 295;
Marie de Chateauneuf, 295;
Marie Therese, 296;
Marjolets Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Marjolet) 218;
Markirsche, 296;
Marsotte, 296;
Mary, 296;
Mary (syn. of Kirtland), 148;
Mascall, Leonard, quoted, 68;
Master White Fleart, 296;
Mastodon, 296;
Matilda, 296;
Matts, 296;
May (syn. of Early May), 128;
May Bigarreau (syn. of Baumann May), 100;
May Cherry (syn. of May Duke), 164;      May Duke, 164;    [May Duke in 'Cherries of Utah']         May Duke, Willow-leaved (syn. of Willow-Leaved), 335;
Mayer's kleine schwarze Herzkirsche (syn. Kleine Schwarze Herzkirsche), 283;            Mayo, 296;             Mazarine, 296;
Mazzard stock, comparison of, with Mahaleb stock, 72-73 history and value of, 67-69;
Mednyansky, 297;            Meininger Spaete Knorpelkirsche, 297;             Meissener Weisse, 297;        Mercer, 166;
Merise 'a Fleur Double (syn. of Large Double Flowering), 287;             Merise Grosse Rose Oblongue, 297;
Merise Petite Ronda, 297;             Merisier Fastigie, 297;             Merisziere (syn. of Large Double Flowering), 287;
Merveille de September (syn. of Hildesheim), 143;                 Meyer, E., var. introduced by, 273, 298;
Mezel, 167;            Michigan, 297;             Mijurin, I.V., var. orig. by, 284;             Miller, 297;
Miller, David, var. introduced by, 239;             Millet, 297;             Minnesota, 297;             Minnesota Ostheim, 297;
Minnie, 298;             Moduyansky (syn. of Mednyansky), 297;             Munkirsche Rote, 298;
Monstreuse de Mezel (syn. of Mezel), 167;            Monstrous Duke, 298;
Monstrous Heart (syn. of Large Heart-shaped Bigarreau), 288;             Monstrueuse d'Hedelfingen (syn. of Hedelfingen), 274; Monstrueuse Hennequine, 298;           Montmorency, 169 immunity to leaf spot, 11;   [Montmorency in 'Cherries of Utah']
Montmorency (syn. of Large Montmorency), 153;             Montmorency de Bourgueil (syn. of Bourgueil), 109;
Montmorency Ordinaire (syn. of Montmorency), 169;
Montmorency Pleureur, 298;             Montmorency de Sauvigny, 298            Montmorency Stark, 298;            Montreuil, 298; Moorhouse, 299;                     Morella Extra Noir, 299;
Morella Wye, 299;             Morelle von Wilhelmshoehe, 299;             Moreller Langstilkede Sode, 299;
Morgan, J. A., var. introduced by, 258;             Morisco, 299;            Morocco, 299;             Morten Seedling, 299;
Mosely, John, var. orig. by, 300;             Mosler Schwarze Herzkirsche, 299;
Mottled Bigareau (syn. of Manning Mottled), 295;            Moyer Honey Heart, 299;             Mueckelberger Grosse, 299;
Mueller, Hugo M., quoted, 49;                                Murdock, 299;
Murdock, John R. and A., var. orig. by, 299, 313;
Murdocks' Bigarreau (syn. of Murdoch), 299;
Muscat de Prague (syn. of Pragische Muskateller), 307;
Muscat des Larmes (syn. of Thraenen Muskatellerkirsche), 326;

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Nancy, 299;         Naples, 300;         Napoleon, 171;    [Napoleon in 'Cherries of Utah']

        Napoleon Noir (syn. of Bigarreau Napoleon Noir), 219;
Napolitaine (syn. of Neapolitanische Molkenkirsche), 300;             Natte hative de semis (syn. of Fruehe von der Natte), 256;
Ne Plus Ultra, 300;             Neatolitanische Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Naples), 300;             Neapolitanische Molkenkirsche, 300;
Nebraska Sweet, 300;             Nelson Kentish, 300;         Neue Englische Kirsche (syn. of Neue Englische Weichsel), 300;
Neue Englische Weichsel, 300;             Neue Ochsenherzkirsche, 300;             Neumann Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 300;
New Century, 300;             New Frogmore Morello (syn. of Frogmore Morrelo), 255;
New Large Black Bigarreau (syn. of Black Bigarreau of SAVOY), 222;             New Royal, 301;
Nienburger Fruehe Bunte Herzkirsche, 301;         Noble, 301;             Noire des Vosges, 301;
Noire Hative de Cobourg (syn. of Black Guigne), 104;             Nomblot, Alfred, var. orig. by, 214;             Nonpareil, 301;
Norfolk, 301;             Norma, 301;             Northeast, 301;             Northern Griotte (syn. of English Morello), 139;
Northwest, 301;             Nouvelle Guigne des Boeufs (syn. of Neue Ochsenherzkirsche), 300;         Nouvelle Royale, 174;

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Occident, 301;         Ohio Beauty, 302;             Okiya, 302;              Oktober-Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau d'Octobre), 219; Oliver, 302;         Olivet, 175;         Opata, 302;         Oregon, 302;         Orel, 302;
Orel No. 23 (syn. of Early Morello), 120;             Orel No. 24, 303;             Orel No. 26 (syn. of Orel Sweet), 303;
Orel Sweet, 303;             Orlean Smith, 303;         Orleans, 303;         Osceola, 303;         Ostheim, 176;
Osteim (syn. of Cerise de Ostheim), 232 (syn. of Minnesota Ostheim), 297;             Ostheim (of Morris), 303;             Othello, 303;
Ounce (syn. of Tobacco-Leaved), 326;         Owanka, 303;         Ox Heart (of America), 303;         Ox Heart, 178;

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Padus, genus of, 15;     Padus cherries, distinguishing characters of, 3 use of, 7;
Padus mahaleb (syn. of P. Mahaleb), 31;            Pandys Glasskirsche, 304;
Paramdam, 304;
Parent, 304;
Paretzer Herzkirsche, 304;
Pariser Griotte, 304;
Parkinson, John, quoted 98, 134, 239, 273, 286, 292, 299, 329;             Parisian Guindoux, 304;             Paul, 304;
Prince, William, quoted, 203-204; var. introduced by, 108, 247 var. orig. by, 236, 308;             Paul, E.V., var. orig. with, 304;
Pauline de Vigny, 304;             Peach-Blossomed, 304;          Pease, 304;
Pease, Charles, var. orig. by, 238, 240, 286, 289;             Pease, Charles, Sr., var. orig. with, 299, 304;
Pelissiers Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Pelissier), 102;          Perlkirsche, 304;             Perlknorpelkirsche 305;
Perlmarmorkirsche (syn. of Perlknorpelkirsche), 305;             Petit Bigarreau Hatif (syn. of Kleine Bunte Fruehkirsche), 282;
Petite Bigarreau hatif (syn. of Flamentine), 252;             Petite Morelle, 305;             Pfaelzer Suessweichsel (syn. of Velser), 329; Pfitzmann Schwarze Herzkirsche, 305;             Pie Cherry (syn. of Late Kentish), 157;
Pierce, Amos, var. orig. with, 305;          Pierce Late, 305;             Pigeon Heart Bigarreau (syn. of Belle de Rocmont), 212;
Pigeon's Heart (syn. of Belle de Rocmont), 212;             Pink Heart, 305;          Planchoury, 305;
Plattgedrueckte Schattenmorelle, 305;          Plumstone, 305;             Plumstone Morello (syn. of Plumstone), 305;
Plymouth (syn. of Plymouth Rock), 306; Plymouth Rock, 306;
Podiebrad, 306; Podiebrad Bunte Herzkirsche (syn. of Podiebrad), 306;             Pohlnische Kirsche (syn. of Griotte de Kleparow), 263; Pointed Guigne, 306;             Poitou griotte (syn. of Imperial Morello), 278;
Polnische grosse Weichsel (syn. of Griotte de Kleparow), 263;             Polnische Weichsel (syn. of Griotte de Kleparow) 263;
Polsted, 306;             Polton Gean, 306;             Pomeranzen, 306;         Pomme-d'Amour (syn. of Tomato), 327;
Pontiac, 306;             Pope, 307;             Portugal, 307;             Portugiesische Griotte (syn. of Arch Duke), 98;
Portugiesischer Griottier Weichselbaum (syn. of Arch Duke), 98;          Powhattan, 307;          Pragische Muskateller, 307;
Prague Tardif (Muscadet de) (syn. of Velser), 329;             Precoce d'Espagne (syn. of Spanische Fruehkirsche), 320;
Precoce Lemercier (syn. of Duchesse de Palluau), 246;             Precoce de Marest, 307;
Precoce de Montreuil (syn. of Early May), 128;             Precoce de Sabaret, 307;          President, 307;
Prettyman, H. W., var. orig. by, 302;          Pride of Washington, 307;             Priesche Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 308;
Prince, 308;          Prince Black Heart, 308;             Prince Duke, 308;             Prince Englebert, 308;
Prince de Hanovre (syn. of Kronprinz von Hannover), 285;             Prince Royal, 308;
Prince Royal du Hanovre (syn. of Kronprinz von Hannover), 285;          Princess, 308;
Priner Fruehweichsel (syn. of Hative de Prin), 273;             Prinzenkirsche, 308;
Prinzesskirsche (syn. of Princess), 308;          Prödlitzer Elitekirsche, 308;             Progress, 308;
Prolific Cherry (syn. of Cerisier Tres-fertile), 234;             Proskauer Knorpelkirsche, 308;          Proudfoot, 308;
Proudfoot, a., var. orig. by, 308;             Provencer Suesseweichsel (syn. of Cerise de Prusse), 232;
Prunus, division of, 15 genus, importance of, in horticulture, 1;        Prunus acida, 16;        Prunus acida (syn. of P. cerasus), 24; Prunus aestiva (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;          44 X 48 ? Prunus affinis, 18;     Prunus ampla, 17;
Prunus apetala, 21 (syn. of P. maximowiczii), 16;        Prunus apetala iwozana (syn. of P. tschonoskii), 20;
Prunus apetala typica (syn. of P. nipponica), 20;        Prunus austera (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;        Prunusautumnalis, 20;
Prunus avium, 16 characters of, 28-29 comparison withPrunus cerasus, 9; distribution and habitat of, 29 division of and how divided, 30 geographic range of, 41-42 specific description of, 28-30 use of wood of, 6 value of, as a stock, 67-69;
Prunus avium X Prunus cerasus, specific description of, 31;        Prunus avium decomana, 30;
Prunus avium duracina, 30;        Prunus aviumregalis, 31;        Prunus batalinii, 22;
Prunus besseyi, 21 characters of, 36 common names of, 37 habitat of, 36 hybridism of, with other species, 37 specific description of, 36-38 use of, as a stock, 37-38;
Prunus biloba (syn. of P. herincquiana biloba), 19;        Prunus brachypetala, 22;
Prunus bracteata (syn. of P. maximowiczii), 16;             Prunus bungei (syn. of P. humilis), 21;             Prunus campanulata, 19;
Prunus canescens, 20;             Prunus carcharias, 22;             Prunus caudata, 20;
Prunus ceraseidos (syn. of P. apetala), 21 (syn. of P. nipponica), 20 (syn. of P. tschonoskii), 20;
Prunus ceraseidos kurilensis (syn. of P. kurilensis), 20;        Prunus cerasoides, 19 (syn. of P. campanulata), 19;
Prunus cerasoides tibetica (syn. of P. majestica), 19;
Prunus cerasus, 16 characters of, 25 comparison with Prunus avium, 9 distribution of, 26 division of and how divided, 26-28; geographic range of, 41; probable parentage of, 44; specific description of,24-28;
Prunus cerasus austera, 27;             Prunus cerasus caproniana, 27;
Prunus cerasus flore pleno (syn. of P. serrulata), 18 (syn. of P. serrulata mucronata), 18;
Prunus cerasus flore simiplici (syn. of P. serrulata), 17;             Prunus cerasus marasca, 28;
Prunus cerasus pendula flore roseo (syn. of P. pendula), 20;             Prunus cinerascens, 22;             Prunus clarofolia, 16;
Prunus conadenia, 16;             Prunus cuncinna, 19;             Prunus conradinae 19;
Prunus cuneata, habitat of, 35 specific description of, 35-36;             Prunus cyclamina, 17;             Prunus cyclamina biflora, 17;
Prunus depressa (syn. of P.pumila), 34;             Prunus dictyoneura, 21;        Prunus dielsiana, 17;
Prunus dielsiana conferta, 17;     Prunus dielsiana laxa, 17;             Prunus diffusa, 22;             Prunus discadenia, 16;
Prunus donarium (syn. of P.pseudocerasusvirescens), 17 (syn. of P. serrulata), 17;             Prunus droseracea, 20;
Prunus dulcis (syn. of P.avium), 28;        Prunusduclouxii, 17;     Prunusemarginata, 16 use of, 38;
Prunus formosana (syn. of P. pogonostyla), 21;             Prunus fruticosa, 16 use of, 38;      Prunus giraldiana, 20;
Prunus glabra, 17;             Prunus glandulifolia, 17;             Prunus glandulosa, 21;             Prunus glandulosa glabra, 21;
Prunus glandulosa glabra alba, 21;     Prunus glandulosa glabra albiplena, 21;     Prunus glandulosa glabra rosea, 21;
Prunus glandulosa purdomii, 21;     Prunus glandulosa salicifoli, 21      Prunusglandulosa trichostyla, 21;
Prunus glandulosa trichostyla faberi, 21;        Prunusglandulosa trichostyla paokangensis, 21;
Prunus glandulosa trichostyla sinensis, 21;        Prunusglyptocarya, 20;        Prunus gracilifolia, 21;
Prunus griffithii, 22;     Prunus helenae, 19;      Prunus henryi, 17;        Prunusherincquiana, 19 (syn. of P. pendula), 20;Prunusherincquiana ascendens (syn. of P. subhirtella), 19;      Prunus herincquiana biloba, 19;
Prunus hirtifolia, 17;     Prunus hirtipes, 17;      Prunus hirtipes glabra (syn. of P. glabra), 17;
Prunus hortenesis (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;        Prunushosseusii, 19;        Prunushumilis, 21;
Prunus incana, 22 (syn. of P. pumilla), 34 use of, 38;
Prunus incisa, 20; (syn. of P. subhirtella), 19;Prunusincisa kurilensis (syn. of P. kurilensis), 20;
Prunus involucrata, 17;
Prunus itosakra ascendens amabilis (syn. of P. subhirtellafukubana), 20;
Prunus itosakra pendula (syn. of P. pendula), 20;        Prunus itosakra subhirtella (syn. of P. subhirtella), 20;
Prunus itosakura (syn. of P. pendula), 20;        Prunusiwagiensis, 20;        Prunus involucrata, use of, 38;
Prunus jacquemontii, 22 use of, 38;
Prunus jamarakura (syn. of P. serrulata), 17;        Prunus jamasakura borealis (syn. of P. sargentii), 19;
Prunus jamasakura elegans compta (syn. of P. sargentii), 19;        Prunus jamasakura elegans glabra (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Prunus jamasakura elegans parvifolia (syn. of P. parvifolia), 19;         Prunus jamasakura speciosa (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Prunus jamasakura speciosa nobilis (syn. of P. serrulata lannesiana), 18;
Prunus jamasakura speciosa nobilis donarium (syn. ofP. serrulata hisakura), 18;
Prunus japonica, 21 (syn. of P. glandulosa glabra alba, 21 of P. glandulosa glabra albiplena, 21 of P. glandulosa trichostyla faberi, 21 of P. glandulosa trichostyla sinensis, 21 of P. japonica kerii, 22);
Prunus japonica engleri (syn. of P. japonica gracillima engleri), 22;         Prunus japonica eujaponica, 21;
Prunus japonica eujaponica fauriei, 21;        Prunus japonica eujaponica oldhamii, 21;
Prunus japonica flor. simp. (syn. of P. glandulosa glabra rosea), 21;
Prunus japonica flore albo pleno (syn. of P. glandulosa glabra albiplena), 21;
Prunus japonica flore pleno (syn. of P. glandulosa glabra albiplena), 21, (syn. of P. glandulosa trichostyla sinensis), 21;
Prunus japonica glandulosa (syn. of P. glandulosa glabra), 21 (syn. of P. glandulosa glabrarosea), 21;
Prunus japonica gracillima, 22;
Prunus japonica gracillima engleri, 22;        Prunus japonica gracillima minor, 22;
Prunus japonica gracillima sphaerica, 22;        Prunus japonica gracillima thunbergii, 22;
Prunus japonica japonica (syn. of P. japonica), 21;             Prunus japonica kerii, 22;
Prunus japonica multiplex (syn. of P. glandulosa glabra albiplena), 21;
Prunus japonica paokangensis (syn. of P. glandulosa trichostyla paokangensis), 21;
Prunus japonica salicifolia (syn. of P. glandulosa salicifoli), 21;
Prunus japonica sphaerica (syn. of P. japonica gracillima sphaerica), 22;      Prunusjaponica typica (syn. of P. japonica), 21;
Prunus japonica typica flore pleno (syn. of P. japonica kerii), 22;       PrunusJuliana (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;
Prunus pseudocerasus, 17 (syn. of P. sargentii), 19 (syn. of P. serrulata albida), 18, use of, 38, use of as a stock 75, use of wood of, 6; Prunus kerii (syn. of P. japonica kerii), 22;        Prunus kurilensis, 20;       Prunus latidentata, 20;
Prunus pseudocerasus benifugen (syn. of P. serrulata hisakara), 18;     Prunusleveilleana, 19;      Prunuslitigiosa, 16;
Prunus pseudocerasus borealis (syn. of P. sargentii),19;       Prunuslitigiosa abbreviata, 16;       Prunus lobulata, 20;
Prunus macgregoriana, 17;     Prunus macradenia, 16;
Prunus mahaleb, 161 characters of, 31-32 habitat of, 32 importance of in horticulture and commerce, 32-33 specific description of, 31-33 value of, as a stock, 69-72 value of wood of, 6;
Prunus majestica, 19;        Prunus malifolia, 17;        Prunus malifolia rosthornii 17;
Prunus Marasca (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;          Prunusmaximowiczii, 16;
Prunus maximowiczii adenophora (syn. of P. tatsienensis adenophora), 16;             Prunus maximowiczii aperta, 16;
Prunus mesadenia, 19;     Prunus microcarpa, 22;             Prunus microlepis, 20;             Prunus microlepis ternata, 20;
Prunus micromeloides, 20;             Prunus miqueliana, 20 (syn. of P. nipponica), 20 (syn. of P. pendula), 20;
Prunus mollis, 16;     Prunus mume crasseglandulosa (syn. of P. sargentii), 19;             Prunus nakii, 22;
Prunus neglecta, 17;     Prunus nigricans (syn. of P. avium), 28;     Prunus nikkoensis, 20;       Prunus nipponica, 20;
Prunus oxycarpa (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;        Prunus oxyodonta, 20;        Prunus padus, 3;
Prunus paniculata (syn. of P. pseudocerasus sieboldii), 17;        Prunus paracerasus, 17;       Prunus phyllopoda, 20;
Prunus pilosiuscula, 16;     Prunus pleiocerasus, 16;     Prunusplena (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;
Prunus pogonostyla globosa, 21;        Prunus pseudocerasus flore roseo pleno (syn. of P. pseudocerasus sieboldii), 17;
Prunus pleuroptera, 20;     Prunus plurinervis, 17;      Prunusjaponica thunbergii (syn. of P. japonica gracillima thunbergii), 22; Prunuspododenia, 20;      Prunus pogonostyla, 21;       Prunusparvifolia, 19;
Prunus parvifolia aomoriensis, 19;        Prunus paucifolia, 19;        Prunus pendula, 20;
Prunus pendula ascendens (syn. of P. subhirtella), 19;        Prunus pennsylvanica, 16 use of, as a stock, 74;
Prunus pogonostyla obovata, 21;        Prunus polytricha, 16;
Prunus japonica typica flore roseo (syn. of P. glandulosa glabra rosea), 21;
? Prunus praecox, 22;         Prunus prostrata, 22;
Prunus pseudocerasus hisakura (syn. of P. serrulata hisakura), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus hortenesis flore carneo suffuso (syn. of P. serrulata shidare-sakura), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus hortenesis flore pleno viridi (syn. ofP. serrulata grandiflora), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus hortenesis flore pulcherrimo pleno candido (syn. of P. serrulata mucronata), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus hortenesis flore semipleno roseo (syn. of P. serrulata hisakura), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus hortenesis flore simiplici albo (syn. ofP. serrulata albida), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus hortenesis flore simiplici carneo (syn. of P. serrulata lannesiana), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus jamasakura X incisa, 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus jamasakura glabra (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus jamasakura glabra praecox(syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus jamasakura praecox (syn. of P. serrulata), 19;
Prunus pseudocerasus naden (syn. of P.pseudocerasussieboldii), 17;
Prunus pseudocerasus "New Red "(syn. of P. serrulata hisakura), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus ochichima (syn. of P. serrulata ochichima), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus sachalinensis (syn. of P. sargentii), 19;
Prunus pseudocerasus parvifolia (syn. of P. parvifolia), 19;
Prunus pseudocerasus serrulata glabra (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus serrulata glabra fugenzo (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus serrulata glabra viridiflora(syn. of P. serrulata grandiflora), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus serrulata sieboldii albida(syn. of P. serrulata albida), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus serrulata sieboldtii (syn. of P.pseudocerasussieboldii), 17;
Prunus pseudocerasus shidare-sakura (syn. of P. serrulata shidare-sakura), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus shirofugen (syn. of P. serrulata ochichima), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus sieboldii, 17;        Prunus pseudocerasusspontanea (syn. of P. sargentii), 19;
Prunus pseudocerasus spontanea hortenesis (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Prunus pseudocerasus typica parvifolia (syn. ofP. parvifolia), 19;
Prunus pseuducerasus typica sieboldii (syn. of P. pseudocerasus sieboldii), 17;
Prunus pseudocerasus ukon (syn. of P. serrulata grandifolia), 18;      Prunuspseudocerasus virescens, 17;
Prunus pseudocerasus watereri, 17;        Prunus pseudocerasusyoshino (syn. of P. serrulata albida, 18;
Prunus puddum (syn. of P. cerasoides, 19, of P. majestica, 19, of P. sargentii, 19, of P. serrulata), 18;             Prunus pulchella, 16;
Prunus pumila, 21, characters of, 34-35, distribution of, 35, specific description of, 34-35, use of, as a stock, 74;
Prunus pumila Besseyi (syn. of P. besseyi), 36;             Prunus pumila cuneata (syn. of P. cuneata), 35;
Prunus rehderiana, 16;             Prunus rosea (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;           Prunusrossiana, 21;
Prunus rufa, 19, (Syn. of P. trichantha), 19;             Prunus rufoides, 17;             Prunus salicina (syn. of P. humilis), 21;
Prunus saltuum, 19;             Prunus sargeniii, 19;             Prunus schneideriana, 17;       Prunusscopulorum, 17;
Prunus serotina, value of wood of, 7;
Prunus serrula, 19;       Prunus serrula tibetica, 19;       Prunus serrulata, 17;
Prunus serrulata cf. supra. (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;        Prunus serrulata albida, 18;
Prunus serrulata borealis (syn. of P. sargentii;), 19;        Prunusserrulata flore pleno (syn. of P. serrulata mucronata), 18;
Prunus serrulata grandiflora, 18;     Prunus serrulata hisakura, 18;      Prunus serrulata kriegeri, 18;
Prunus serrulata lannesiana, 18;            Prunus serrulata mucronata, 18;       Prunus serrulata ochichima, 18;
Prunus serrulata serrulata albida (syn. of P. serrulata albida), 18;
Prunus serrulata serrulata fugenzo (syn. of P. serrulata ochichima), 19;
Prunus serrulata serrulata fugenzo rosea (syn. of P. serrulata), 18;
Prunus serrulata serrulata lannesiana (syn. of P. serrulata lannesiana), 18;
Prunus serrulata serrulata sieboldtii (syn. of P. pseudocerasus sieboldii), 17;
Prunus serrulata serrulata viridiflora (syn. of P. serrulata grandiflora), 18;
Prunus serrulata serrulata wattererii (syn. of P. pseudocerasuswateri), 17;     Prunus serrulata shidare-sakura, 18;
Prunus serrulata veitchiana, 18;        Prunus serrulata "W. Kou" (syn. of P. serrulata hisakura), 18;
Prunus serrulata yashino (syn. of P. serrulata albida), 18;        Prunussetulosa, 20;
Prunus sieboldii (syn. of P.pseudocerasus), 17; (Syn. of P. pseudocerasus sieboldii), 17;
Prunus silvatica (syn. of P. cerasoides), 19;        Prunus sinensis (syn. of P. glandulosa trichostyla sinensis), 21;
Prunus sontagiae, 19;     Prunus Sp. Zabel (syn. of P. sargentii), 19;     Prunus sprengeri, 19;
Prunus stipulacea, 20;     Prunus subhirtella, 19;       Prunus subhirtella autumnalis (syn. of P. autumnalis), 20;
Prunus subhirtella fukubana, 20;    Prunus subhirtella oblongifolia (syn. of P. subhirtella), 19;
Prunus subhirtella pendula (syn. of P. pendula), 20;        PrunusSusquehanae (syn. of P. pumila), 34;
Prunus sylvestris (syn. of P. avium), 28;        Prunus stechuaica, 16;
P. szechuanica, var. ?" (syn. of P. dielsiana), 17;             "P. szechuanica dielsiana " (syn. of P. dielsiana), 17;
Prunus taiwaniana, 20;     Prunus tatsienensis, 16;      Prunus tatsienensis adenophora, 16;
Prunus tatsienensis pilosiuscula (syn. of P. pilosiuscula), 16;         Prunus tatsienensis stenadenia, 16;
Prunus tenuiflora, 19;
Prunus tomentosa, 22, characters of, 33, habitat and distribution of, 33-34; specific description of, 33-34;
Prunus tomentosa, ? batalinii (syn. of P. batalinii), 22;         Prunus tomentosa breviflora, 22;
Prunus tomentosa endotricha, 22;     Prunus towmentosa grabneriana, 22;     Prunus tomentosa heteromera, 22;
Prunus tomentosa insularis, 22;        Prunus tomentosa kashkarovii, 22;        Prunus tomentosa souliei, 22;
Prunus tomentosa spaethiana, 22;     Prunus tomentosa trichocarpa, 22;     Prunus tomentosa tsuluensis, 22;
Prunus trichantha 19;     Prunus trichocarpa (syn. of P. tomentosa trichocarpa), 22;            Prunustrichostoma, 20;
Prunus tschonoskii, 20;     Prunus twymaniana, 19;     Prunus varia (syn. of P. avium), 28;        Prunus variabilis, 16;
Prunus veitchii, 20;     Prunus venusta, 16;        Prunusverrucosa, 22;        Prunus virginiana, 3;
Prunus vulgaris (syn. of P. cerasus), 24;        Prunuswildeniana, 19;        Prunusyedonsis, 19;
Prunus yunnanensis, 17;     Prunus yunnanensis henryi (syn. of P. henryi), 17, (syn. of P. neglecta), 17;
Prunus zappeyana, 20;     Prunus zappeyana ? subsimplex, 20;
Prussian Cherry (syn. of Cerise de Prusse), 232;             Puhlmann Fruehe, 309;
Punctirte Suesskirsche mit festem Fleische, (syn. of Punktirte Marmorkirsche), 309;
Punktirte Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Punktirte Marmorkirsche), 309;             Punktirte Marmorkirsche, 309;
Punktirte Molkenkirshe, 309;          Purity (I), 309;             Purity (II), 309;
Purple Cherry (syn. of Early Purple), 130;             Purple Guigne (syn. of Early Purple), 130;
Purpurrothe Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Red Bigarreau), 309;             Pyramidenkirsche (syn. of Jerusalemskirsche), 279;
Pyramidenweichsel (syn. of Jerusalemskirsche), 279;


Quaker, 309;

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Rainier French, 309;             Ratafia (syn. of Brusseler Braune), 110;             Ratafia Griotte (syn. of English Morello), 139;
Raton, var. orig. with, 211             Red Bigarreau, 309;             Red Canada, 310;
Red-flowered (syn. of Fleurs Semi-doubles), 253;          Red Guigne, 310;             Red Heart (syn. of Bleeding Heart), 109;
Red Jacket, 310;             Red Muscatel, 310;             Red Oranien, 310;             Red Pie Cherry (syn. of Late Kentish), 157;
Red Rock, 310;             Red Russian, 310;             Reichart, 310;             Reid, John, quoted, 68;          Reine Hortense, 179; [Reine Hortense in 'Cherries of Utah'] Reine-Hortense Hative, 310;          Remington, 311;             Remington Heart (syn. of Remington), 311;
Rentz Morello, 311;          Republican, 191;             Resacks Knorpelkirsche, 311;          Richardson, 311;
Richardson, J.R., var. orig. with, 311;             Richardson, William P., var. orig. with, 311;          Richardson Late Black, 311;
Richter Saemling, 311;          Riga No. 108, 311;             Riga No. 109, 311;             Riley, quoted, 45;             Rival, 311;
Rivers, Thomas, var. orig. by, 247, 248, 293, 311;             River's Early Amber Heart (syn. of Early Amber), 247;
Rivers Early Heart, 311;             Roberts, David, var. orig. with, 312;             Roberts' Red (syn. of Bowyer Early Heart), 225;
Roberts Red Heart, 311;             Rochaline, 312;           Rock, 312;             Rockland, 312;             Rockport, 182;
Rocky Hill Honey Heart, 312;           Rocky Mountain, 312;           Rocky Mountain Cherry, botanical name of, 37;
Rocmonter Marmorkirsche (syn. of Belle de Rocmont), 212;             Roe, 312;             Romaine, 312;             Ronald, 312;
Ronald's Large Black Heart (syn. of Black Tartarian), 107;           Röschers, var. orig. with, 312;
Röschers Kirsche, 312;             Rose Charmeux, 312;             Rosenobel, 312;
Rosenrothe Maikirsche (syn. of Guigne Rose Hative), 272;           Rostraver Bigarreau, 313;
Rothe Glanzkirsche, 313;             Rothe Herzkirsche, 313;             Rothe Maikirsche (syn. of May Duke), 164;
Rothe Maiknorpelkirsche, 313;             Rothe Molkenkirsche, 313;             Rothe Muskateller (syn. of Cerise Guigne), 232;
Rothe Oranienkirsche (syn. of Carnation), 114;             Rothe Soodkirsche, 313;
Rothe Spanische Marmorkirsche (syn. of Belle de Rocmont), 212;           Rouaanse Kirsche, 313;
Rouge de Downing (syn. of Downing Red Check), 244;           Rouge Pale Tardive, 313;             Rouge des vosges, 313;
Round Sweet, 314;             Royal American, 314;             Royal Ann, (syn. of Napoleon), 172;           Royal Duke, 184;  [Royal Duke in 'Cherries of Utah']
Royal Hatif, 314;             Royale (syn. of Jeffrey Duke), 146;
Royale d'Angleterre (syn. of Royal Duke), 184;             Royale Cherry Duke (syn. of May Duke), 164;
Royale Hative (syn. of Jeffrey Duke), 146, (syn. of May Duke), 164;             Royale Tardive (syn. of Holman Duke), 276;
Rumsey, 314;             Rumsey, J.S., var. orig. by, 314;             Rumsey's Late Morello (syn. of Rumsey), 314;
Runde Marmorirte Süsskirsche, 314;             Rupert, 314;           Rupp, 314;             Rupp, Solomon, var. orig. by, 314;
Russian cherries, value of, for stocks, 73-74;             Russian Morello, 314;             Russian 207 (syn. of Russian Morello), 314;
Russian Seedlings Nos. 8, 42, 49, 54, 109, 128, 169 and 199, 315;             Russie a Fruit Blanc, 315;
Ryley Black Tartarian, 315;

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Saechsische Frühe Maikirsche, 315;           Sacramento, 315;             Saint-Laurent, 315;           St. Lucie cherry 32;
St. Margaret's Cherry (syn. of Elkhorn), 134;             St. Walpurgiskirsche (syn. Bigarreau de Walpurgis), 221;
Sand Cherry, botanical name of, 35, use of as a stock, 74;             Sansoto, 315;           Sapa, 315;             Sappington, 315;
Sauer Einmach and Backkirsche (syn. of Leitzkauer), 290;             Sauerjotte, 315;             Saure Herzkirsche, 315;
Sauvigny Knorpelkirsche, 315;           Scharlachkirsche, 316;             Schatten Amarelle (syn. of Shadow Amarelle), 318;
Scheur Kers (syn. of Black Guigne), 104;             Schleihahn Sweet, 316;             Schloessers Schattenmorelle, 316;
Schmehls, 316;         Schmidt, 185;    [Schmidt in 'Cherries of Utah']         Schmidt, F., var. orig. by, 186, 316;             Schmidt Bigarreau No. 2, 316;
Schmidt Frühe Herzkirsche, 316;             Schneeberger Kirsche, 316;             Schneider Frühe Herzkirsche, 316;
Schneider Späte Knorpelkirsche, 316;             Schoene Agathe (syn. of Hildesheim), 144;
Schoene Audigeoise (syn. of Belle Audigeoise), 211;             Schoene aus Sauvigny (syn. of Montmorency de Sauvigny), 298;
Schoene von Ardeche (syn. of Cerise de l'Ardeche), 230;           Schoene von Bruegge, 317;
Schoene von Choisy (syn. of Choisy), 196;             Schoene von Couchey (syn. of Belle de Couchey), 211;
Schoene von Marienhohe, 317;             Schoene von Montreuil (syn. of Montreuil), 298;
Schoene von Ribeaucourt (syn. of Belle de Ribeaucourt), 212;             Schoene von Rocmont (syn. of Belle de Rocmont), 213; Schreckens Kirsche (syn. of Bigarreau de Schrecken), 220;             Schroecks Späte Bunte Knorpelkirsche, 317;
Schwarzbraune Knorpelkirsche, 318;           Schwarze Forellenkirsche, 317;
Schwarze Knorpel von Mezel (syn. of Mezel), 167;             Schwarze Maikirsche (syn. of Schwarze Maiweichsel), 317;
Schwarze Maiweichsel, 317;             Schwarze Malvasierkirsche (syn. of Schwarze Oranienkirsche), 317;
Schwarze Muskateller, 317;             Schwarze oder Späte Herzkirsche (syn. of Black Spanish), 223;
Schwarze Oranienkirsche, 317;           Schwarze Soodkirsche, 317;
Schwarze Spanische Fruehkirsche (syn. of Spanische Fruehkirsche), 320;
Schwarze Spanische Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Black Spanish), 223;
Schwarze Ungarische Kirsche (syn. of Ungarische Weichsel , 329;
Schwarze Weichsel mit halb gefuellter Blute (syn. of Halbgefuelltbluehende Weichsel,), 273;
Schwarzes Taubenherz, 318;             Schwefelkirsche (syn. of Dankelmannskirsche), 240;             Sebril, 318;
Seckbacher, 318;             Seckbacher Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Seckbacher), 318;             Seederberger, 318;
Select Beauty, 318;             Semis de Burr (syn. of Burr), 228;    [Seneca in 'Cherries of Utah']        Shadow Amarelle, 318;
Shadow Morello (syn. of Shadow Amarelle), 318;             Shailer, 319;           Shannon,319;
Shannon Morello (syn. of Shannon), 319;           Shelton, 319;             Shelton, William, var. orig. by, 319;
Shepler, Louis, var. orig. with, 210;             Shippen (syn. of June Duke), 280;             Short-stem May, 319;
Short-Stem Montmorency, 187;             Short Stem Montmorency (syn. of Large Montmorency),153;             Shubianka, 319;
Sibrel, 319;             Siebenfreund, var. introduced by, 328;           Silver Thorne, 319;           Sklanka, 189;
Skublics Weichsel, 319;             Steinhaus, 319;             Small Black Guigne, 319;
Small Double Flowering (syn. of Fleurs Doubles), 252;             Small Morello, 319;             Smyech, Daniel, var. orig. with, 287;
Smidt Yellow, 319;             Smith (syn. of Schmidt), 185;           Socsany, 320;
Soft Sheld (syn. of Soft-stone Cherry), 320;             Soft-stone Cherry, 320;
Soodamarelle (syn. of Rothe Soodkirsche), 313;
Sour Cherry, adaptation of, to culture, 3, comparison of, with the Sweet Cherry, 9, environment of, 76-90, geographic range of, 41, group name of, 2, probable parentage of, 44;
Souths Breite Herzkirsche, 320;             Souvenir d'Essonnes, 320;           Spanische Fruehkirsche, 320;
Spanische Fruehweichsel, 320;             Spanische Glaskirsche, 320;             Spanische Herzkirsche (syn. of Spanische Fruehkirsche), 320; Spanish (syn. of Yellow Spanish), 202 (syn. of Black Spanish), 223;           Spanish Griotte, 321;           Sparhawk, 189;
Sparhawk, Edward, var. introduced by, 190;             Sparhawk's Honey (syn. of Sparhawk), 189;
Spätebluehende Glaskirsche, 321;             Späte Amarelle, 190;             Späte Amarelle (syn. of Suesse Amarelle), 323;
Späte braune Spanische Herzkirsche (syn. of Braune Spanische Kirsche), 226;
Späte grosse koenigliche Weichsel (syn. of Jerusalemskirsche), 279;
Späte Herzogenkirsche (syn. of Late Duke), 155;             Späte Konigliche Weichsel (syn. of Jerusalemskirsche), 279;
Späte Maikirsche (syn. of Seckbacher), 318;             Späte Maulbeerherzkirsche (syn. of Späte Maulbeerkirsche), 321;
Späte Maulbeerkirsche, 321;             Späte Morello (syn. of Späte Amarelle), 190;              Späte Rote Knorpelkirsche, 321;
Späte Schwarze Forellenkirsche, 321;          Späte Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 321;
Späte Schwarze Spanische Herzkirsche, 321;           Speckkirsche, 321;             Spitzens Herzkirsche, 322;
Srdcovka v Skalka, 322;           Stanapa, 322;             Standard, 322;             Starr Prolific, 322;
Staets Bluehender Kirschbaum (syn. of Toussaint), 193;             Strass Early Black, 322;           Strauss, 322;
Strauss Weichsel, 322;             Strauss Weichsel (syn. of Strauss), 322;           Striker, 323;             Striped-Leaved, 323;
Strong, J.F., var. orig. by, 307;           Stuart, 323;             Stuart, C.W., var. orig. by, 323;           Sucree Leon Leclerc, 323;
Suda, 192;             Suda, var. orig. with, 192;             Suda Hardy (syn. of Suda), 192;     [Suda in 'Cherries of Utah']        Summer's Honey (syn. of Honey), 276; Summit, 323;           Süsse Amarelle, 323;             Süsse Frühherzkirsche, 323;             Süsse Frühweichsel, 324;
Süsse Frühweichsel (syn. of Griotte Douce Pricoce), 262;             Süsse Maiherzkirsche, 324
Süsse Maiherzkirsche (syn. of Baumann May), 100;             Süsse Spanische, 324;
Süsskirsche mit Gefurster Bluthe, 324;             Süskirschenbaum mit ganz gefuellter Bluete (syn. of Large Double Flowering), 287; Süssweichsel von Chaux (syn. of German Morello), 258;           Sweedish, 324;
Sweet Cherry, adaptation of, to culture, 3, comparison of, with the Sour Cherry, 9, environment of, 77-80, geographic range of, 41-42, group name of, 2;
Sweet Montmorency, 324;             Sweet Morello, 324;

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Tabors schwarm Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Bigarreau Noir de Tabor), 219;           Tarascon Kirsche, 324;
Tardive d'Avignon, 325;         Tardive de Brederode, 325;             Tardive Noire d'Espagne, 325;
Tardive de Peine, 325;             Tartarian (syn. of Black Tartarian), 107;           Tecumseh, 325;             Temple, 325;
Terry, 325;             Terry Early (syn. of Terry), 325;             Terry, H.A., var. introduced by, 325;
Thacher, quoted, 69;             Theophrastus, quoted, 43;           Thirty Day, 325;             Thomas, quoted, 70;
Thompson, 325;            Thraenen Muskatellerkirsche, 326;           Tilgner Rothe Herzkirsche, 326;
Tilgner Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 326;           Timme, 192;             Timme, var. introduced by, 193;
Tobacco-Leaved, 326;             Toctonne Precoce, 327;             Tokeya, 327;           Tomato, 327;             Toronto, 327;
Toupie, 327;             Toussaint, 193;           Townsend, 327;             Townsend, W.P., var. orig. by, 327;
Tradescant (syn. of White Bigarreau), 196;             Tradescant, John, var. orig. with, 134;
Tradescant's Black Heart (syn. of Elkhorn), 134;           Transparent, 327;
Transparent de Bettenburg (syn. of Bettenburger Glaskirsche), 213;             Transparent Guigne, 328;
Transparent de Jahn (syn. of Transparent Guigne), 328;             Transparente d'Espagne (syn. of Spanische Glaskirsche), 320; Transparente de Meylan, 328;             Transparente de Rivers, 328;             Transparente de Siebenfreund, 329;
Trauben oder Bouquet Amarelle (syn. of Cluster), 119;             Trauerknorpelkirsche (syn. of Weeping Black Bigarreau, 331;
Triomphe de Fausin, 328;             Triumph of Cumberland (syn. of Cumberland), 239;
Troprichters Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 328;             Tros-Kers (syn. of Cluster), 119;
Truchsess, var. orig. by, 213214;             Truchsess Schwarze Herzkirsche, 328;           Tubbs, 328;           Türkine, 328;
Türkine (syn. of Flamentine), 252;             Turkirsche Grosse, 329;             Turner Late, 329;             Twyford, 329;

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Uellner, var. orig. with, 293;           Uhlhorns Trauerkirsche, 329;             Ulatis (syn. of California Advance), 113;
Ungarische Herzkirsche (syn. of Grosse Ungarische Kirsche), 267;
Ungarische Suessweichsel (syn. of Royal Duke), 184;             Ungarische Weichsel, 329;             Urinall, 329;             Utha, 329;

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Vail, Henry, var. orig. with, 209;             Vail's August Duke (syn. of August Duke), 209;             Van Gaasheck, 329;
Van Mons, var. orig. with, 246;             Vanskike, 329;          Varenne, var. orig. with, 137;
Varenne, De (syn. of Grosse Nonnenkirsche), 266;             Vaughn, 329;           Velser, 329;             Very Large Heart, 330;
Vesta, 330;       [Victor in 'Cherries of Utah'];       Villeneuver Herzkirsche (syn. of Guigne Villeneuve), 272;             Villennes (syn. of Cerise Rouge Pale), 233;
Vilna Sweet, 330;             Violet, 330;             Virginia May Duke, 330;             Vistula, 330;           Vladimir, 194;
Von Lade's Spaete Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Lade Late), 286;                 Voronezh No. 27, 330;

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Wabash, 330;                 Wachampa, 330;             Wachsknorpelkirsche (syn. of Buettner Gelbe Knorpelkirsche), 228;
Wagner, 330;             Wahre Englische Kirsche (syn. of Late Duke), 155;             Walling, G. W., var. orig, by, 304;
Walpurgiskirsche (syn. of Bigarreau de Walpurgis), 221;             Walsh Seedling (syn. of Black Bigarreau of Savoy), 222;
Wanfrieder Weichsel (syn. of Velser), 329;           Warner, 331;             Warner, Mathew G., var. orig. by, 331;
Warren, var. orig. by, 331;             Warren Transparent, 331;             Washington Purple, 331;            Waterhouse, 331;
Waterhouse, Warren, var. orig. by, 331;             Waterloo, 196;             Weber, R.H., var. orig. by, 301;            Weeping, 331;
Weeping (syn. of Dwarf Siberian), 247;             Weeping or Pendulous Morello (syn. of Weeping), 331;
Weeping Black Bigarreau, 331;             Weeping Napoleon, 331;
Weichsel mit halbgefuellter Bluethe (syn. of Fleurs Semi-doubles), 253;
Weichselbaum mit buendelfoermigen Fruechten (syn. of Cerisier Tres-fertile), 234;
Weichselbaum mit gelb, weiss, und roethlich marmorirte Frucht (syn. of Spaerbluehende Glaskirsche), 321;
Weichselbaum mit sehr gross gefuellter Bluethe (syn. of Fleurs Doubles), 252;
Weidenblaettrige Suessweichsel (syn. of Willow-Leaved), 335;
Weis, Roth und Rosenfarbig Marmorirte Kramelkirsche, 331;
Weiss Herzkirsche (syn. of Grosse Bunte Herzkirsche), 265;
Weiss und hellroth geflekte grosse Kramelkirsche (syn. of Weisse Rosenroth Marmorirte Herzkirsche), 331;
Weiss und hellroth geflekte grosse Kramelkirsche (syn. of Runde Marmorirte Suesskirsche), 314;
Weiss und rothe grosse Herzkirsche (syn. of Frueheste Bunte Herzkirsche), 256;
Weisse Mandelkirsche, 332;             Weisse Rosenroth Marmorirte Herzkirsche, 331;            Wellington, 332;
Wellington's Weichsel (syn. of Wellington), 332;             Weltz, Leo, var. introduced by, 205
Wendell, Heman, var. orig. by, 332;             Wendell Mottled, 332;             Wenzlecks Bunte Knorpelkirsche, 332;
Werder Early Black, 332;             Werdersche Schwarze Allerfrueheste Herzkirsche (syn. of Werder Early Black), 332;
Werder'sche Bunte Herzkirsche, 332;
Western Sand Cherry, botanical name of, 37;
Wheeler, 332;             Wheeler, H.J., var. orig. with, 332;            White Bigarreau, 196;            White Bigarreau, 332;
White French, 333;             White French Guigne, 333;             White Gean, 333;            White Heart, 197;
White Heart (syn. of Grosse Guigne Blanche), 266;             White Hungarian Gean, 333;
White Mazzard, 333;            White Oxheart (syn. of White Bigarreau), 196;            White Spanish, 333;
White Tartarian, 333;             White Transparent, 333;
Winkler weisse Herzkirsche (syn. of Guigne Carnee Winkler), 269;
Wier, a. B., var. orig. by, 252, 257, 301, 333, 334;             Wier No. 2, 333;             Wier No. 11, 334;             Wier No. 12, 334;
Wier No. 13, 334;             Wier No. 19, 334;             Wier No. 24, 334;             Wier No, 44, 334;             Wier's Seedlings, 333;
Wild Morello (syn. of Common Morello), 237;            Wild Ross-shire, 334;             Wilde Bunte Marmorkirsche, 334;
Wilder, Samson V, S., var. introduced by, 292;             Wilding von Kronberg (syn. of Kronberger Kirsche), 285;
Wilheimine Kleindienst, 334;             Wilkinson, 334;            Willamette, 335;             Willis Early, 335;
Willow-Leaved, 335;             Wincklers schwarze Knorpelkirsche (syn. of Winkler Black), 335;            Windsor, 198;  [Windsor in 'Cherries of Utah']
Winkler, var. orig. by, 269;            Winkler Black, 335;             Winkler's schwarze Herzkirsche (syn. of Winkler Black),335;
Winter, Pastor, var. introduced by, [not listed], 334;             Winter Schwarze, 335;             Wirt, Henry, var. orig. with, 275;
Wohltragende Hollaendische Kirsche, 335;            Wood, 199, immunity of, to powdery mildew, 11;    [Governor Wood in 'Cherries of Utah']  

      Wragg, 201; [Wragg in 'Cherries of Utah']

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Yan, 335;             Yellow Glass, 336;             Yellow Honey (syn. of Honey), 276;      Yellow Spanish, 202;  [Yellow Spanish in 'Cherries of Utah']
Young Large Black Heart, 336;             Youngken, Josiah G., var. orig. by, 299;                                                 Yuksa, 336;

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Zahm, G. W., var. orig. with, 274;             Zeisbergische Kirsche (syn. of Bigarreau de Zeisberg), 221;
Zimmtkirsche, 336;             Zweifarbige Kirsche, 336;             Zweite- Groesser Herzkirschweichsel (syn. of Brusseler Braune), 110; Zwitterkirsche, 336;             Zzuckser Schwarze Knorpelkirsche, 336

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